SELLING HUSQVARNA - Swedish Mauser + Barrel / 6.5 X 55

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  1. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
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    CUSTOMIZED HUSQVARNA - Swedish Mauser & New Barrel / 6.5 X 55

    Renowned for exceptional accuracy and low recoil, this Swedish Mauser has gone through extensive customization. It is one of a kind.

    Specifics on this package include:
    - 6.5X55 caliber (this round is popular and available in USA, Europe and Africa)
    - model 96 / carbine
    - custom features:
    - hooded ramp front sight with “hi-vis” insert
    - Lyman - Micrometer receiver sight ( fully adjustable )
    - cerakoated (barrel, receiver and bottom metal)
    - reconditioned/shortened stock (see photos)
    New (after-market) barrel included:
    - 6.5X55 caliber
    - Adams & Bennet - manufacturer
    - 21” in length
    - sporter profile (1.22” at chamber / 0.52” at muzzle)
    - short chambered / in the white
    - 1:9 twist
    - chrome moly steel

    Listing price: $475
    vs. $350 to $875 (Gunbroker mid-range for Swedish Mauser)

    I purchased this rifle many years ago but was disabled from an accident before I could use it. I also purchased a new, after-market barrel from MidwayUSA in the same caliber for the rifle.

    If you’re a fan of the 6.5 like me, I hope you can enjoy this unique package. At $475, I have it favorably priced at below what I paid for the rifle - alone. Thanks for your interest and enjoy.

    Life’s too short - Let’s avoid any misunderstandings
    1.) Inspection Period:
    - buyer shall have an inspection period of three days.
    - buyer may return item within inspection period and at buyers cost:
    - if: the item has material and significant discrepancies from item description and photos.
    - an item may be returned only in the same condition as delivered to buyer.
    - buyer is responsible for all costs of returns

    2.) Payment:
    - payment shall be in form of USPS-money order and delivered to seller by fedex.
    - payment is due within 7-days of buyer/seller agreement.

    3.) Shipping:
    - ffl to ffl - only
    - seller shall ship item within 7-days of receipt of payment.
    - buyer is responsible for shipping costs including insurance, tracking, etc.

    4.) Reservations of seller:
    - seller reserves right (in his sole discretion) to qualify buyer and consider multiple offers.

    5.) Agreement:
    - no deal is final until buyer and seller agree to all significant/material terms and conditions.

    6.) Item is/may be listed on others sites and forums.
  2. JBistagne


    Jun 11, 2015
    I'll take it; sending PM, John.
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  3. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
  4. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
  5. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
    John, i haven’t heard from you. Can you please advise as to your intentions- earliest. Thanks, John

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