Gempro 250 vs 2 - 300

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  1. Cdv717

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    Mar 20, 2017
    I keep my 250 on 24/7 , that definitely helps keep it from walking. The backlite is easily turned on and off when you need it. I have found that it works best to remove the pan while making changes to amount of powder in the pan then replace it for the reading. Mine has never worked well with a trickler trying to make very small additions, seems to fluctuate more and need tared more often. I think they are discontinued now anyway but i would definitely buy another gempro. Also don't sit it on the soft pad it comes with either unless maybe you beat on your loading bench with a hammer.
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    Feb 14, 2009
    Before I switched to Adam McDonald's system I used a GP-250 with a Little Gem trickler. It was slow going with frequent over runs on charges but it was producing good ammunition. Now I use the GP-250 to weigh bullets and it works well for me doing that.


    May 19, 2018
    I'm having good luck with my 250. Because it is new and because of things I have read and because I am cautious, I compared its reading by using my small $60 Lyman scale. Measuring first on the 250 and then weighing on the Lyman. Last 60 rounds I loaded the charge weighed the same on both scales. (granted both could be off ). But, trust it enough now where I don't feel the need to use the Lyman any longer. I do set it on the rubber pad it comes with. I do turn it on at least an hour ahead of using it. And the bubble level is centered. Also I do not have any nearby electrical or air movement interference near my loading bench. It does drift as I posted before every 8-10 charges, but I keep an eye on that now that I know its tendency to do so and it is not that big of a nuisance for me to go on a new scale hunt. Only complaint and I can live with it.

    Funny coincidence- A member in another thread mentioned a kernel of H4350 weight .02 grain. A day or so later I was loading and using H4350 and the 250. Loading to 41 grains. One time I trickled over to 41.02 grains. I took the pair of tweezers that came with the scale and plucked out one kernel of powder and the scale read 41 grains. :)
  4. Martin52


    Nov 27, 2010
    When you finish trickling, don't wait whilst the measurements keep climbing and don't take the pan off the scale.

    Instead, gently and lightly, press the pan momentarily with the tweezers and the weight measurement read out should bounce back and be stable.
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    Dec 13, 2017

    This seems to work well.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Good info, thanks.

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