Composite Carbon Fiber Barrels

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    I think Butch's point is right but with obvious limitations. Yes, a very light rifle is less stable than one with a little more weight out front but I'll take too light over trying to offhand shoot a BR rifle. It likely is also quite user specific. A young kid will do better with a lighter feeling rifle most of the time. I guess it's just a relative thing, depending on what you are most comfortable with. The Cooper I mentioned earlier has a very nice offhand feel to me but I had a M70 Featherweight a few years back that I spent a good bit of time on, that I could never shoot well offhand. It shot better than it should from a bench but I could never hit anything offhand with that rifle, so it went down the road. It was exactly like Butch was trying to describe though..couldn't keep the muzzle on target with that rifle, unsupported. I missed a gimme shot on a nice buck with that thing one day. It just was not the gun for me. It's a shame too, as it was a nice little rifle that would shoot very well from the bench. A buddy was with me that day and he has never let me live down missing that shot. :oops: What he doesn't know is, that wasn't the only time. :p
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    I'm done with carbon wrapped barrels from at least one company. They act too much like a stressed button rifled barrel.

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