Bushnell Discontinuing the LRHS line

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    May 12, 2006
    Was very disappointed to hear Bushnell is discontinuing it’s LRHS line. They are arguably the best long range hunting scope out there. They retain zero, track superbly, and their glass is very good. Low profile 10 mil/rev elevation turret and capped windage turret. Bushnell still has 4.5-18 illuminated in stock but are producing no more of them or the 3-12s. Others have the 3-12s on closeout. Optics Zone has them for $855, which is an absolute bargain. Get em while they’re hot!

    Interesting enough they are continuing to produce the LRTS and LRTSi. These are same scope as the LRHS except they have a locking windage turret instead of capped and no donut in the reticle. I prefer the LRTSi to the LRHS just because of the reticle, though I do prefer the capped windage turret of the LRHS..

    Belton from Bushnell tells me they are releasing a replacement for the LRHS in June but he had no details on what it might be. My fear is they’ll go 34mm, maybe a variant of the DMR II. In my view that would make it too heavy and bulky for a hunting rifle.

    Oh well... the search continues...

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