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    Jul 10, 2016
    Lapua and Douglas Barrels strike again.
    1st it was the ABRA Virginia state and the Nationals now last night the Boerne ARA Club match.

    Congratulations to Joe Chacon for his 1st place win the ARA Club match last night.
    Shooting an aggregate of 2262.50. He took high card on T1-2325, T2-2400.

    Macky Locklin joined us last night, at the match and it was good to see him..

    Macky took 2nd place shooting an aggregate of 2250.00 taking high card on T3-2350.

    Les Williams took 3rd place shooting an aggregate of 2200.00 taking high card on T4-2275

    Congratulations everyone.

    Just as a reminder we have an IR 50/50 Match this coming Wed at 6:30 PM hope to see you there.

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