Blackjack Bullets 4th of July Sale! - $45 off Lilja Blanks / $91 off X-Caliber!!!

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  1. Romulus


    Oct 7, 2011
    Blackjack Bullets is extending the 4th of July Barrel Blank Blowout until Monday 7/9/18!!!

    The 131 grain ACE Bullets (0.330 G7 BC @ 2940 fps) will begin shipping in the next week or two and we want to get blanks out at great prices so guys can start running them.

    We have knocked off $49 from the Lilja Blanks and $91 off the X-Calibers!

    The Bartlein, Krieger, and Rock Creek Blanks are selling out so if you see a contour you want in the webstore it would be a good time to get it. These blanks will be arriving next week throughout the rest of July. The next batch of orders will be at least 8 weeks out.

    Live Pilot Chambering Reamers from Dave Manson in 25x47 and 25 Creedmoor are in stock! JGS will arrive next week to begin shipping pre-orders.


    X-Caliber Blanks.png

    july 4th.jpg

    25-06 light.jpg

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