SOLD AR10 - .260 Remington - $1000

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  1. Mike McCasland

    Mike McCasland Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 24, 2011
    Doubt I'll get much interest on this forum, but I'm posting it up anyway. I have it listed for sale elsewhere too.

    Rifle was setup primarily for suppressed LR plinking. With the +2 gas system, adjustable gas block, HP bolt, and heavy buffer it won't trash brass like other setups. It will also handle standard/un-suppressed rounds no problem.

    Barrel likes 120-123gr class bullets with Varget.

    Rifle has been shot, but is in good condition. It's got a couple minor dings around the ejection port from brass; to be expected though.

    Aero M5 Enhanced Upper
    Aero Keymod Freefloat Tube
    Aero Nitrided HP BCG
    Proof Research 22" SS Cut-Rifled Barrel w/ +2 Gas- ~750 rounds on the barrel...all handloads, and all slow fired.
    SLR Sentry 8 gas block
    Radian Raptor CH

    Aero M5 Lower
    Larue MBT 2-stage trigger
    V7 S7 tool steel bolt catch
    Magpul PRS Gen 1 - The lower pic rail cover is glued on so it'll ride bags.
    Ergo Grip
    Chrome Silicone Spring
    KAK 9.3oz 'Heavy' LR-308 buffer

    ADM 30mm QD (dual lever) scope mount
    2x Magpul Pmags (1x 20rd, 1x 10rd)
    1x Larue 20rd M110 mag (allows for longer COAL to touch lands)

    I'll be pulling the muzzle brake as it's a mount for one of my suppressors, but it'll come with a 5/8x24 thread protector.

    I'd prefer an FTF transaction in the Central Texas area, but will ship at buyers expense.


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  2. Hawkster16


    Nov 29, 2018
    If it's still available, I'll take it!

    Edit: PM sent
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  3. Mike McCasland

    Mike McCasland Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 24, 2011
    SPF to Hawkster16
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