Alliant power pro 2000MR. Loads for .308win

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  1. lazyeiger


    Jan 23, 2011
    Does anyone have any experience or Quick Load data for this powder. It falls between RL15 and RL17 on the Alliant burn rate chart. They list from 51.5g to 53g for 150g bullets. This seems like a lot of powder for a .308? I think 46g - 47g is the normal Varget or IMR4320 load. Will 53g even fit in a .308 case...especially a Lapua? (the Alliant data is for Federal cases)
  2. Hatrick


    Mar 23, 2011
    You are in luck, I have some data for 2000 mr using Lapua cases, Federal 210M primer, and Nosler 155 gr. bullets, all shot from 24" Rem 5R barrel. I started safely at 46.5 grs. and worked up to 51.0 grs. on a 45 degree day.

    46.5 - 2,656 fps.
    47.0 - 2,669 fps.
    47.5 - 2,726 fps.
    lost data
    50.0 - 2,875 fps.
    50.5 - 2,893 fps. sweet spot for my barrel
    51.0 - 2,907 fps.

    Keep in mind that my milspec 5R barrel was chambered to handle high pressure loads with a longer throat than most. I saw no signs of pressure at 51.0 grains, but your results could be different. I think next time out I may try WLR primers with this powder.

    At least this will give you a starting point, I was working blind and wasted time and powder starting as low as I did. Good Luck! ;)

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