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  1. WyleWD

    WyleWD Silver $$ Contributor

    Dec 13, 2009
    I have a partner that bought a new Remington 7mm Magnum about a year ago. He asked me what was the most accurate factory ammo in the 140-170gr bullet weight. The question is out of my league, but there is always good advice on this board so thought that I'd just ask you fellows.

    He's wanting to use it on Elk, just to further qualify the information. Thanks in advance for any responses. :D WD
  2. 40X Guy

    40X Guy

    Jul 20, 2010
    WD, I used Federal Premium in 140 grain with Nosler partitions a while back before i started to reload for my 7 Mag, but after perusing the new Sinclair catalog that Nosler Custom ammo looks pretty good in 140 grain. The Nosler brass is a tad beefier/thicker and fills the chamber better and that what I use for my handloads for my rifle. (Barnes 140 TTSX). The ammo is expensive, but they are all making good stuff. Or go to Midway and read the reviews on each particular brand of ammo. I am sure more members will chime in who are using quality factory ammo. The 140's are flat and fast and may be the optimum weight in 7MM Mag. You definately want bone crunching penetration for elk, so the right bullet is of importance here.

  3. H2OBUG

    H2OBUG Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 18, 2011
    I shot the 139 Hornady Custom until I found a good handload
    Got 1 1/4 " @ 100--in the old Ruger-Tang

    I now shoot a 140 NBT over 62.5 of Hogdon V-100 OAL 3.310--shoots sub 3/4" at 100 in an old tang style Ruger
  4. canderson


    May 31, 2009
    Long and short. Each rifle is different. He needs to look at the type of bullets offered and try several different types or brands. See which one does the best. I would look for the better constructed bullets.


    Jul 16, 2009
    I set a coworker up with a new deer rifle last fall, Tika T3 Hunter in 7mag, he's not into a deep enough to hand load so I had him buy 8 boxes of ammo that was known to shoot. We chronoed all of it. The Hornady Superformance 139 SST load had far and away the most consistent velocities of the bunch (16 FPS ES for the 16rds tested), and true to their advertising was far and away the fastest of the bunch and the most accurate and at $35 a box was a bargain compared to some of the other super premiums rounds tested. Read the reviews on MidwayUSA, I find those are a good source for what rounds have the best fighting chance, the 139 Superformance GMX round looks to be very solid as well. Of course every gun is different but just like Gold Medal 308 shoots in just about anything some loads seem to shoot consistently better in a large number of rifles than others, I believe this to be true and would at the very least be a good starting point.
  6. Larryh128


    Nov 4, 2010
    The Nosler ammo with 140gr Accubonds have been a very good factory round & certainly will handle any elk.
  7. gilream


    Mar 3, 2010
    I have a recently rebarreled 7 mag.; 24' Douglas SS barrel, trued remington 700 action, McMillian mountain rifle stock, Nikon 6X18X40 side focus. Wanted to shoot the 160 Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Bear Claw on an upcoming elk hunt. Finally got the cartridges after a pretty long wait (and a bank loan to buy them) and took off to the range with the Bear Claws and some other stuff that had been collecting dust in my safe.

    The Bear Claws shot to 1.35 inches at 100 yards AND 1.38 inches at 200 yards! go figure

    Federal Premium 160 grain Nosler Partitions shot to .863 at 100 yards and .875 at 200 yards. Very nice.

    Remington core loct 140 grain shot to .750 at 100yds.
    All are 3 shot groups

    My old barrel would not shoot these factory lodings near this well. I was pleasantly surprised. Now my delema is; should i use the Nosler Partition on the elk hunt or a handloaded 150 Barnes TTSX at 2970 fps that gives consistent accuracy of .800 inch?
  8. fullersson

    fullersson B&B Gunworks

    Mar 5, 2009
    +1 for the 139gr Hornady Custom.

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