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    Dec 27, 2012
    Would like to sell as a pair.

    Both are Great Eastern Cutlery 735108 liner locks with single 1095 carbon steel blades. Both were rehandled by a guy that goes by name muskrat man. He had a website.

    I’m going to nitpick so there are no surprises and you know exactly what you’re getting. I’m a little anal about things and like to know exactly what I’m getting so I’d rather describe things as worse as they are.

    The dark colored one is mammoth ivory. This one does not appear to have been used or sharpened. There’s a small gap in one area between the bolster and scale which can be seen in the picture. The blade is off center when closed as you can see. The blade has a half stop at 90 degrees and when at that position, does move a little for and aft. No side to side play at all in any position, just something to note since the other knife locks up better at half stop. None of these things are functional issues, but as I said, to some people as OCD as me, it may bother them.

    The light colored one was rehandled in elephant ivory. The blade is also off center when closed, in the opposite direction. It looks like it’s been sharpened lightly but not used a ton... just carried. Has a nice patina... no pitting or rust. The blade locks up well at half stop and fully opened. Despite the appearance of the scales, it’s very smooth and has great transitions from scale to bolster.

    Asking $320 shipped for both and Id like to sell them together.

    PayPal (Friends and Family) preferred as I need the quick cash to make another purchase.

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