7WSM + 300WSM Need Pet Loads

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  1. Steve Ladino

    Steve Ladino Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 3, 2013
    I do not have any info on the 7MM WSM load data for the guide but I have recently dealt with Parish Davis in Mobile Alabama on a Feinwekbau 300 s . He owns and operates a business there "Extreme Rifles.com"
    is His business. Via our mutual introductions and acquaintances the talk led to gunsmithing and our favorite cartridges. I shoot benchrest and he shoots / is into longer ranges. Bottom line for Him is the 7MM WSM bar none.
    He is a member here and has valuable load data for the 7 MM WSM.
  2. k80skeet


    Feb 15, 2009
    300 Win Shot Mag
    180gr Nosler Partition Bullet
    65.5 H4831 Powder
    Federal 215M Primer
    Winchester Brass
    Set to max magazine length
    Shoots under 1/2" 3 shot groups

    300 Win Short Mag
    150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullet
    71.0gr H4831 Powder
    Federal 215M Primer
    Winchester Brass
    Set to factory Length 2.860
    Shoot one little hole way under 1/2"
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  3. whatwind?

    whatwind? Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 19, 2015
    Anybody try rl-26 or 33 in their 7-270wsm or 7-300wsm?

    It appears H1000 and rl-25 at 65 gr produce same velocities, so wonder what the new 26 would produce
  4. INTJ

    INTJ Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 10, 2018
    300 WSM. H4350, 64 grains, 168 Barnes TTSX, Rem cases, Fed 210 Match primers. About 3000 fps and under 3/4” groups. Clean kills on deer. One was lengthwise through a 170ish lb Blacktail at 60 yds, the other was a Blacktail forkie at 435 yds. Rifle weights 7 3/4 lbs with a Leu 3.5x10x40 in Talley LWs.
  5. ww morris

    ww morris

    Jun 18, 2011
    .300wsm loads
    using 155 grain hornady eld m bullets, 64 grains H-4350, cci 200 standard primers, 2.90" col. shooting out of a tikka t-3 lite three rounds measured .153" group the 4th round was out about .5"

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