7/28 - Hawks Ride Summer Steel Sizzler

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  1. M.Stilley


    Jan 10, 2016
    From an email notification:

    NOTE: Registration will be required and we will limit the number of shooters to 60 MAX!

    Follow this link below for the registration.

    Reserve your spot now, do not delay! Payment required day of the match. Non payment day of the match will result in forfeiture of your reserved spot.
    Where: Hawks Ridge Gun Club-Ferguson, NC. 1020 Gladys Fork Rd., Ferguson NC 28624
    • Fee: $30 for all shooters
    • All shooters MUST sign a waiver or two. Your participation is at your own risk
    • Time Limit: All stages will have a 3 minute (180 second) time limit
    • Stage count: There will be at least seven (7) stages shot concurrently. Each shooter will shoot seven (7) times
    • Squads: Shooters will self-squad and the MD will balance any mismatched squads to be as even in head count as possible
      • MD may also assign new shooters to squads and we encourage and appreciate your support of the new shooters in the group
    • Scoring: See attached for example score card
    • Stages: Stages will be any combination of the following and may or may not include:
      • Prone position
      • Multiple positions off of a barrier
      • Tank Trap
      • Barrels
      • Single position off of a barrier
      • Standing
      • Sitting
      • Slack line
      • etc
    • Shooting Aids: Only bi-pods and sand bags, bean bags, etc can be used. If you have to ask if an item is allowed, it probably isn't. No mechanical rests like bench rests and only field style back packs may be used.
    • Targets: All targets will be painted and may be grouped by stage by shape and/or marked with color to avoid stage/target confusion. Know your intended target before you pull the trigger!
      • Squares
      • Rectangles
      • Circles
      • Diamonds
      • IPSC
      • Animals
    • Target Sizes: Sizes will range from 4" to 24"
    • Ranges
      • Closest target = ~100 yards
      • Farthest target = >1,000 + yards
    • No cartridges bigger than 300 Win Mag or velocities higher than 3150 fps.
    • Actual course of fire, stages and ranges will be shared the morning of the match.

      Warning! HRGC is a working cattle farm. DO NOT SHOOT THE LIVESTOCK! You'll be charged fair market value for any damaged property and you'll have to take it home with you. :)
    Volunteers Needed: Qualified RO's shoot free in exchange for being RO. You must be experienced and you must commit to the entire match. Please notify staff when registering. First come, first served. We might only need a few so please speak up if you'd like to be involved.
    Also, please bring your spotting scopes for use during the match. We realize these are expensive items and we'll cover this in the morning brief.
    Absolutely No touching or moving spotting scopes except by designated RO's.
    More Information:
    The Hawks Ridge Summer Steel Sizzler is a marksmanship competition that will be won by the shooter who is the best shot of the day. Our philosophy is that you cannot miss enough, and you cannot miss fast enough, to keep up with the guys and girls making the hits. We also strongly believe first hits matter and our scoring methodology reflects this core idea and it aligns with the challenges a shooter faces with long range, cold bore shots.
    Seasoned shooters, our format and targets will be very familiar but our scoring is a bit different and we limit equipment that can be used. If you are new to the game, then we hope this email brings more clarity as to what you should expect.
      • New Shooters/New long range shooters: Please be responsible and decide if you have the right experience, skills and equipment to shoot at these distances. Shooters who are not able to stay within a reasonable distance of the intended target will be pulled from the match. Know your intended target and no spit balling it! Speak up if you want help before the match. We will help you. If you are unsure of the ballistics of your gun/cartridge combination then please visit http://www.jbmballistics.com/ballistics/calculators/calculators.shtml to get ballistics data for your equipment.
      • For all you hunters out there, we welcome you and your deer or elk gun will get the distance. Cartridges like 6.5 Creedmoor, .243 Win, .260 Rem, .308 Rem, .30 - 06, .270 Win, .280, 6.5-284 Norma, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, etc will all get it done.
      • Important: Most simple cross hair or duplex reticle hunting scopes CANNOT manage the 250 to 400 inches of elevation adjustment required to reach out to 1,000 yards. You'll likely need a scope with a lot of internal adjustment AND a 20 MOA base. We welcome everyone, but please be honest with yourself about these requirements.

    See you then!

    Doug Kerman, Match Director, Planning
    Matt Stilley, Match Director, Planning and Scoring
    Brandon McNeil, Land Owner, Planning, Facilities Manager, Cattle Wrangler
    Mike McNeil, Land Owner, Facilities Manager, Cattle Wrangler
  2. M.Stilley


    Jan 10, 2016
    Spots still available!!!

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