6mm Grendel...?

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  1. flatlander


    Nov 27, 2004
    This is my Howa Mini in 6RAT. Went with a 24" Bartlein 1-8tw light Palma contour, threaded the muzzle 5/8-24 for a TBAC flash suppressor/mount, painted bbl'd action McMillan tan CeraKote, clipped about 1.3 coils off the trigger return spring, and bedded it into a McMillan Game Scout. I've got a Warne 20 MOA rail with an Athlon Ares BTR 6-27x50 in TPS TSR low rings mounted up top.
    I already had the CeraKote applied by the time I received the DIP aluminum DBM, so it didn't get CK'd. One of these days, I'll have another rifle needing the McM tan CK, and will pull the DBM off this rifle and git 'er done. This is my favorite stock for the Mini, and I'm partial to the 6RAT chambering too, even though the Mini rifles I've done in 20 Tactical, 22 Grendel, and 6.5 Grendel are all pretty accurate, and fun to shoot.

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  2. Trebor Snave

    Trebor Snave

    Apr 14, 2010
    I run a 6AR Turbo 40 in both gas and bolt guns for Highpower and Long Range competition. I get an easy 2800fps with Varget or H335 and 105 grain bullets, and 3000 is doable but harder on brass. I've been toying with getting one of those CZ 527 actions and building a sweet little deer/antelope rifle, but it'll probably remain a pipe dream.

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