6mm creedmoor seating depth

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  1. Enosiophobia


    Jan 12, 2019
    Weeeeeeell, I didnt get the answer I was hoping for today.....

    Good Morning Andrew,

    I have been advised by our production team that they are still waiting on reamers for the 6mm caliber and are still unable to make a new barrel for your firearm. At this time they have no time frame on when they will be getting the reamers. They are offering to replace your firearm with a brand new one in another caliber of your choice. If you would like to accept this offer please let me know a dealer that we can send the new model to. Also it states in a note that you have a competition coming up, what is the date you would need the new rifle by?

    Thank You

    I was less than pleased to hear this 1. Since they'd had it for probably 6 weeks and apparently nothing had been done, 2. How could you not have tooling for a barrel you've been producing and selling for some time now, and 3. Not have a point of reference as to when the materials needed to solve the problem will be available.

    Without going into all the details my response was not warm and fuzzy, but not angry either. I wasnt about to change calibers since I've already invested in all the components for reloading it, not to mention....I shouldn't have to.

    At the end of the day I was promised tooling would be potentially arriving tomorrow and I'd be updated. I hope this all works out as many have raved about Ruger customer service. When it's all done, I'd still like to know what the actual problem was in the first place.
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    Nov 28, 2009
    You're experience is making me happy that I chose to use the Final Finish kit, instead of sending it back for repair. One additional thing I had to do, is send my bolt to Gre'Tan and get the firing pin bushed and turned. I started blanking primers during competition, and my loads were not hot.

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