6mm br blind squirrel loads:)

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    Jul 5, 2009
    Was cleaning up a bit in the shop and putting some stuff in my barrel rack. Notice one barrel that had the chamber facing me. Looking at it, thinking not 308 based as too short. Pulled it out and it was a heavy varmint McGowan 6mm br Norma (8) barrel. Took the tape off the threads and it looked to coarse for Savage. Maybe a Rem-nut barrel. Had a nut sitting there in the rack and it screwed on just fine.
    I had forgotten all about the barrel that I think I bought here. Pulled my 22/250 barrel off my XR100 and screwed the 6mm br barrel on, set headspace and found it wouldn't fit the stock as the barrel was larger in diameter than the factory barrel, so got out my stock scrapeing tool and went to it. After 2 hours, I was done and sealed stock with some Tru-oil.
    Put it in the stock this morning and put a scope on it. Made a few loads by going online to Hodgdon and some of the loads you guys show as working in your rifles.
    Used Lapua brass, that unfortunately someone had trimmed to 6mm Br. Rem length. But, thats what I had so went with it.
    Rewarded with this group. Accurate 2230 sparked by a rem 7 1/2 primer and 65gr Vmax. Little windy at the range (so whats new!!). Only loaded 10 rounds, took me 4 to get sighted and wanted 3 to get setting on a few gong, so only 3 shots. Looks promising!!
    6mmbrRem 002.JPG
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    May 25, 2016
    @AckleymanII load! That man has some gold.
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    May 11, 2006
    That load will hammer dogs and squirrels!

    in my 6 BR, zero freebore, .236 bore; 12T

    CCI-BR4; Lapua brass

    32.0g of AA2230 with a 67g BIB shoots very tiny bug holes(.2435 pressure ring)

    32.5g of AA2230 with Fowler 66g shoots very tiny bug holes(.2433 pressure ring)

    Work up to these loads in your rifle
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