6BR vs. 6XC?

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  1. BoilerUP


    Apr 6, 2011
    Thinking about getting a new prefit barrel for a Savage build, and after spending many hours on this website and contemplating many calibers I think I've narrowed it down to these two. Big draw to these is no fire forming of brass, efficiency, and relative lack of recoil.

    Intended use: paper, steel, and possibly varmints to 600yd.

    My research has left me with a few questions I was hoping those with experience using these calibers can help with:

    1. 6XC Norma brass through SSS is a bit cheaper than 6BR Lapua brass - is the XC brass as durable as the Lapua cases?

    2. I know what the cartridge pages say...but what kind of velocity increase over the BR might I realistically see from the XC?

    3. How much barrel life does the XC give up to the BR?

    Thanks for the input!
  2. WyleWD

    WyleWD Silver $$ Contributor

    Dec 13, 2009
    I have both the 6br and the 6xc. I've won matches with both of them, and one shoots as tight of groups as the other out to 400yds. If the gunsmith does his work well, and you do your part well (loading and shooting) this is a no lose choice in my experience with them.

    As far as your question on brass, I've had much less trouble with the XC brass than I have the Lapua 6br. (I might have got a couple bum boxes of Lapua) And as far as brass life goes that remains a toss up too at this point.

    From my experience the cartridge pages are relatively close on velocity capabilities.

    I can't comment from experience on the barrel life difference as to this point they're still doing fine at well over a thousand rounds. WD
  3. JerryMay


    Oct 5, 2007
    Another cracking cartridge well wrth looking at is the 6mmx47 Lapua, good brass and the advantage of small primers.
    Jerry, (UK).
  4. Bob3700


    Jul 16, 2006
    Out to 600 yds, 6mm BR hands down.

    I would give the accuracy advantage to the 6BR, they just shoot small groups. Velocity wise, they are right on the heels of the 6XC. A 5 to 8 gr less powder per cartridge and a bit less recoil is a worthwhile advantage.

    Lapua brass is excellent and the XC has a host of brass available that can vary in quality depending on make and vintage.

  5. HPMike800


    Nov 4, 2007
    The 6BR has better brass. The new 22-250 Lapua brass may change that but you will have to from them.

    With heavy bullets, the XC will give you about 150fps or so more speed.

    The XC barrel life is about 1/2 of the BR.

    If you want to shoot 115gr bullets (7.5tw) you'll need the XC.
  6. Forum Boss

    Forum Boss Administrator

    Sep 9, 2009
    The 6XC is a very accurate cartridge. In the world 300m championship, it was the first cartridge to dethrone the 6BR. The Norma brass is very good, although I think the Lapua 6BR brass, with periodic annealing, may last a few more loading cycles.

    The 6XC burns more powder and will have more recoil (because you'll be able to drive the 105-108s to higher velocities).

    I wouldn't hesitate to try either, and I don't think the 6BR has a major accuracy edge. A 6XC from a good barrel will probably outshoot a 6BR in a medium quality barrel.

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