6.5x.284 and RE=26

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  1. captn t

    captn t

    Sep 30, 2010
    Got a load working good 55.0 -55.5 R26 129gr. horn. fb. cuts hole @100yd.
  2. 65 fan

    65 fan

    Apr 2, 2017
    RL26 is not a good powder for a 65-284, nether is h4350.H4831SC is the way to go!!4350 it way to finicky and dosen't give enough speed.RL26 will eat a barrel in 400 rounds.RL26 burns hotter than 4350.H4831SC gave great acuracy and good speed.
  3. JLT

    JLT Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 21, 2014
    My experience argues otherwise. I have been running RL-26 in two 6.5-284s (140s and 142s) and a .243 AI (105s and 115s)for some time and throat wear has not been any more rapid than with H4831SC. One of the 6.5-284 barrels has 840 rounds through it and has seen no appreciable decline in accuracy.

    I'm pleased with the results I've obtained with RL-26. I can get velocities unobtainable with other powders and with very good accuracy. Further, I don't have to run loads at brass-trashing pressures to get these results. I think this powder is almost ideal for the 6.5-284 and I'm sticking with it until something else comes along that outperforms it.
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