SELLING 308-Palma Bench Rifle ( components only

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  1. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
    62011E0D-94DC-4729-8DAE-65C8DE7D5864.jpeg 14D3000E-E1EE-4247-9A3B-DFB7EA9065B5.jpeg 0F010D69-5E80-481F-BB79-0A76E300E5F4.jpeg E7A1C5C2-80B4-4545-AA05-BD3ACC38C184.jpeg
    308 - Palma Bench Rifle. ( components only )

    This is an “incomplete” custom build which began a number of years ago. I was disabled as the project neared completion but, was never completed.
    - The project began as a 1903 Springfield ( 30-06 ) action.

    - From there, I had a custom, heavy barrel installed.
    - 21.5 “
    - heavy taper
    - 1:13 twist
    - manufacturer: I just don’t recall ( it wasn’t cheap )

    - Action and barrel were installed on what I believe is a Remington 40-X stock.

    - All work was completed by Ken Breda of Aptos, Ca. - a reputable and accomplished gunsmith.

    As the project neared completion, I was severely injured and became disabled. I was hospitalized for a period of many months and the project was never completed. To complete the project, I needed to:
    - modify the bolt handle to clear a scope
    - test fire and
    - follow-up and fine-tune any issues
    Because the project remains incomplete, I’m selling it as “components - only”.

    I have it attractively priced to encourage someone to complete the project.

    - Listing price: $275 ( that’s about 30% of my costs )

    Good luck and thanks for your interest.

    Life’s too short - Let’s avoid any misunderstandings

    1.) Inspection Period:
    - buyer shall have an inspection period of three days
    - buyer may return item within inspection period and at buyers cost:
    if: the item has material and significant discrepancies from item description and photos.
    - an item may be returned only in the same condition as delivered to buyer.
    - buyer is responsible for all costs of returns - including shipping, insurance, tracking, etc.

    2.) Payment:
    - payment shall be in form of USPS-money order and delivered to seller by fedex.
    - payment is due within 7-days of buyer/seller agreement.

    3.) Shipping:
    - ffl to ffl - only
    - seller shall ship item within 7-days of receipt of payment.
    - buyer is responsible for shipping costs including insurance, tracking, etc.

    4.) Reservations of seller:
    - seller reserves right (in his sole discretion) to qualify buyer and consider multiple offers.

    5.) Agreement:
    - no deal is final until buyer and seller agree to all significant/material terms and conditions.

    6.) Item is/may be listed on others sites and forums.
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    Jan 17, 2016
    Sent you a pm.
  3. Fast14riot

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Is this a low number or high number 1903?
  4. jeasp23

    jeasp23 Silver $$ Contributor

    Oct 15, 2019
    It’s a Remington with sn #: 3283XXX
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