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  1. sam


    Jan 15, 2006
    I have 5 new boxes of 20 of 308 remington br brass headstamp is 308 BR Rem. this brass has small primer pockets. is this a good thing or what, and would this brass be ok for me to resize to 30x47 with .333 neck. what primers and loads could I use. any comments or suggestions. thanks--sam
  2. ReedG


    Nov 22, 2004
    Hi Sam:

    Surprised you haven't gotten any answers yet. In my opinion you have a very valuable lot of brass. Don't believe they are made any more. 308 BR brass with the small primer pocket was highly prized for years, especially before 6 BR brass became available from Lapua.

    I believe it will work well in 30x47 though most loading data will need to be tinkered with. Probably Federal or CCI small rifle magnum primers would be best suited to the large capacity case but I have seen lots of loads using 205 and BR4 primers. I think there are some guys on this forum who shoot 30x47 but also check in on benchrest.com for some load data.

    If you decide not to use the brass, it should sell easily.

    Good luck ...
  3. Kodiak99317


    Nov 16, 2005
    If you shoot in the cold, ie freezing, to maybe if'y. I have seen a 30x44 made on this brass not firing in winter with bullets set at a jump, about 7 out of 20 did not fire, but once weet the bullet into the lands, they all fired. Pulled the un-fired rounds and found the grapite burned off and the powder was almost a solid mass of yellow so we figured it was almost hot enough. By setting the bullet into the lands, you eliminate the combustion chamber growth,and drop in temp and pressure) that happens when the primer goes off and the bullet is pushed into the lands. I think he was using F205M's so a hotter primer may do the trick also. It was around 0F that day, a nice winter day for Canada... In the warmth of spring/summer/fall, no problems. Personnaly, I use 308 Lapua sized down, neck turn'd, and 210M's in my 30x47 HBR. I'm sure it will work fine, I know at least one competitor that uses this brass in HBR in a 30x48 and does pretty good with it, so try it but don't sell this brass.... keep it for a special project in a small sized chamber :thumb: were the small primer size will be seen in smaller groups on the target... btw, seen some go on ebay ... 800 rounds for $350 US or so

  4. RCole


    Nov 23, 2004
    The orgin of the BR brass was for case forming into 7mmBR at a time when no BR brass was available.The very first 308 BR brass was shipped with no flash holes, I still have a box of these)so that experimentation could be done on the proper size flash hole.After there was a consensus on the proper flash hole size, ther brass begin to ship in the fabled 308 BR configeration.You had to case form the brass to the 7mmBR or 6mmBR case dimensions. I still have about 3/4 of a case of this brass new put up somewhere, please it is not for sale as I need it to form a wildcat case that I use.
    The brass was very light and easy to form, extremely concentric, and many LR highpower shooters used it in the 308 Palma guns.
    I found that the REM 7 1/2 primer was the best and that any charge over 45 grns was useless as no velocity increase was noticed and unburnt powder was left in the barrel.I shot a lot of 4895 and 4064 in these cases with the 155 SMK and 175 SMK.
    Simply a note of interest on the 308 BR case
  5. Johnboy


    Aug 13, 2008
    i'm like the first guy you have some what a lot of gold i would keep them as is

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