284 Shehane suggestions needed

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  1. dannyjbiggs


    Mar 29, 2012
    I'm gonna send my 7mm-08 reamer over to you, it'd be more efficient for what you are doing.:p:p Naw, it can't get you quite up there!! Otherwise, you may be proving that there is little credibility to the powder density theory with the Shehane.
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  2. vahena

    vahena Bob Schultz Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 23, 2014
    As I have said, I shoot 3- 284 Shehanes well the 3rd one I just pick up and was doing load testing for and I somewhat know what my rifles like so here is one test with 3 rds ea at 2.502 seating about .016 into the lands. I know I know everyone shoots the with a jump but for me it doesnt work, I have tried. IMG_0516.PNG shots 4,5,6 has a nice horizonal and so does 10,11,12 but the crono number where better with the upper node. Also same POA and did not hold for any wind as you can see. After this test I went to 53.0 and 53.2 of the same powder H-4350 and they shot well but more vertical, so I picked 52.8 as a load and now off to do a seating test in which I already know I am there or very close and then a tuner test if the ranges ever open up again
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