224 Valkyrie

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    Sep 2, 2016
    Use to push them at 3200 with a 22BR.. i like the idea of this new chamber.. been watching.. hopefully it won't die by the wayside
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    Feb 17, 2014
    Has anyone done some load testing with this round? I'd be curious to see if people get good groups. The deciding question for me would be just how accurate it is.

    2700 fps at the muzzle with a 90gr SMK sounds like pretty good barrel and case life and a mild-shooting round. A lot of the shooters at my club use a Tubb gun (T2K) in 6XC or 6BR to shoot across the course with great results and a lot of them are stepping back to 6BR from 6XC. I have a T2K too in 6BR but don't like it for off hand and rapid - too much handling for my skill level - but definitely a one-hole gun from the bench. I'd doubt the 224V could do that, but the same 0.5MOA from 223 would be enough. Having factory-loaded match ammo doesn't hurt either. I prefer an MSR chassis to everything else and maybe shooting 90's XTC wouldn't be much different from 77's. What do people think?

    Getting the wind bucking of something like a 6BR from a space gun would be nice. I notice White Oak Precision is selling 24" Krieger barrels in 224 Valkyrie. The brass looks like it's fairly cheap, 35 cents vs. a dollar - though I'm not huge on Federal brass - and small magnum rifle primers and the easy loading and availability of 90gr SMK's are attractive.

    I just don't know if I can really justify getting another cartridge when 223 suits me so well - just invest in more trigger time instead of setting up for another round. Maybe I'm happy enough single loading 80smk/25gr RL15/2.500" LOA at the 600 yd line. But still, seems like it could be a really good round.
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