223 vs 6br for girlfriend

Discussion in 'Main Message Board' started by Fast14riot, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Fast14riot

    Fast14riot Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 21, 2013
    So, my girlfriend is taking a serious interest in shooting with me, so like I need any little excuse to build a new rifle, I'm considering either of the two rounds due to reduced recoil and expense to feed as well as ease of tuning.

    223 because it's cheap and I'm already set up for loading it. Minimal recoil, but might be a bit tough for 1k.
    6br because its reasonably inexpensive to load and extremely easy to tune, though I do not currently own one, minimal recoil and better at 1k.

    Rifle will be single shot, and most likely shot at short to mid range 90% of the time. Probably build something in the 14-15 pound range. Honestly, I've wanted a 6br for a long time, but I dont want her to be the least bit apprehensive about it, and I know the 223 can hold it's own inside of 600 with a rookie driver.

    So, any other considerations? Not currently considering any other carts, especially wildcats for her.
  2. jetboat


    Jan 26, 2017
    Start with the 223 then move to 6br later. Spend money on ammo.
  3. mac86951

    mac86951 I prefer my targets level and unmoving

    Dec 17, 2012
    223 cause my girlfriend always outshoots me and you'll need the 6br for all the help you can get.
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  4. joshb

    joshb Gold $$ Contributor

    Oct 5, 2014
    “Honestly, I’ve wanted a 6br for a long time.”
    Build a 6br.
    The recoil isn’t bad. It’s deadly accurate and provides instant gratification to a new shooter.
    It’s different, so when she tells her friends she’ll feel special because you built her something unique.
    She may occasionally out shoot you with it. That has it’s perks.;)
    If and when she loses interest or dumps you, you have a gun you always wanted.:eek:
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  5. Geno C

    Geno C

    Aug 2, 2014
    If she can handle the slight increase in recoil,
    Br. The decrease in wind drift makes for more hits for someone that doesn’t read the wind as well. I built a 6brx for my wife. She has no problems shooting it all day. 1DBFFD1F-F2B9-42FC-8016-09F4B71D63B3.jpeg This is her with her team mate from this last Saturday. About 60 rounds and no complaints
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  6. 22DASHER

    22DASHER Gold $$ Contributor

    Jul 16, 2010
    Joshy boy hit the nail on the head. 6BR all the way.
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  7. Falfan2017

    Falfan2017 Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 2, 2018
    BC7B056B-B990-4702-AF3D-BD92E005748B.jpeg Got my girlfriend set up with a used dasher. Low recoil super easy to shoot. She’s beat me a couple times with it. 6br would be a good way to go. Minimal difference in reloading costs between 223 and 6br and you get much better ballistics and potentially better groups
  8. Mark W

    Mark W Gold $$ Contributor

    May 6, 2016
    I vote 6BR since the OP doesn’t already own the cartridge. When the GF decides that she doesn’t like shooting anymore he will have an extra rifle.
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  9. Fast14riot

    Fast14riot Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 21, 2013
    I think if shooting 105s in the 6br is too much I could always load 75s or lighter bullets too, but it will be an 8 twist in either chambering.

    I'm heavily leaning to 6br, but I'll get her shooting my 223 service rifle or my 6.8 prone rifle to introduce her to center fire to start.

    She shied away from shooting my 260AI for now, especially after seeing my shoulder after a match from not having a recoil pad, lol!
  10. Evan

    Evan Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 1, 2010
    I'm going to go against the grain around here and recommend the 223.

    6mm 108 ELDM - $30 per 100
    22cal 80 ELDM - $19 per 100

    6br Lapua brass $90 per 100
    223 Lapua brass $55 per 100

    6br - 30gns varget, 233 rounds per pound of powder
    223 - 25gns varget, 280 rounds per pound (that's nearly 50 more!)

    remember that less powder means less heat means you can shoot longer.

    The ~$0.13 difference in powder and bullet alone, across 3000 rounds, saves $400 bucks towards another barrel. If you use the arguably better Lake City 223, and factor in the brass cost, the gap grows more.

    It is significantly cheaper to shoot a 223 and the accuracy is still going to be outstanding. You should honestly evaluate how often will you shoot at 1k in a setting that the 6 BR advantage will outweigh the increased cost of shooting it.
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  11. daleboy

    daleboy Silver $$ Contributor

    Mar 27, 2017
    + 1

    Well said, and thanks for doing the math for us. My wife started with .223 ,tried the 6mms and has decided to stick with .223 . That little bit of recoil makes a difference with a petite lady.
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  12. watercam

    watercam Gold $$ Contributor

    Mar 28, 2008
    If you went with a 7" twist and 28-30" bbl she could shoot Sierra 90s to a grand. With my rifle so set up I keep up with 6BR shooters easily to 600yds. Cut the throat long enough so that 80s and 90s sit with the bullet shank just ahead of the shoulder/case shank joint. With 24.6gr. of Varget I am pushing 90s to 2770fps easily and retained 1K velocity above 1400 fps.
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  13. ttfreestyle

    ttfreestyle Gold $$ Contributor

    May 23, 2010
    6br is my pick. My petite 15 year old daughter won several mid range f class matches and never had recoil issues. Gun weight was 12 pounds. Just our experience, good luck with your decision.
  14. SPJ

    SPJ Silver $$ Contributor

    Feb 17, 2018
    6 BR all the way every day
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  15. urbanrifleman

    urbanrifleman Gold $$ Contributor

    May 25, 2016
    Hands down 223 ACKLEY. And I will tell you why... Because you can PRACTICE. I have had buddies that decided to start shooting and they wanted some upgraded caliber and I told them NO!!! And they said "why"? And I said because you can bring 100 rounds to practice instead of 20... and a 223A in 1-8 twist will really, really shoot, and more consistent than the 6mms (I know heresy right?). You can shoot just as tight with a standard 223 in an an Ackley fire forming. Barrel life is really almost infinite. I still have my space gun that will shoot 1/4 MOA after 6000 rounds.

    You can buy ammo at WALMART for goodness sake. 223 from a progressive will outshoot most people. I know... I have loaded 10000s of 223 rounds of progressive ammo and I am constantly stunned how good it shoots.

    And recoil is ZERO. I know there are lots of guys that start their women on larger calibers and RUIN THEM. They say or a 6BR is not a lot of recoil, well it is best to start them in 22LR really... This isn't a GUY.

    Don't build a 1K rifle if you are shooting less than 200 nearly all the time... that is huge mistake...

    But I am sure I will be in the minority here...
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  16. pirate ammo

    pirate ammo Guaranteed to take the wind out of their sails Gold $$ Contributor

    Dec 9, 2017
    Boyo,you in so much trouble and you don't even know it yet. I'm waiting for the results...:p:p:p:p:p:p
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  17. butchlambert

    butchlambert Site $$ Sponsor

    Jan 18, 2005
    Recoil with a 6BR in a 14-15lb rifle?
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  18. Dgd6mm

    Dgd6mm Silver $$ Contributor

    Sep 11, 2007
    I think she deserves a switch barrel.
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  19. butchlambert

    butchlambert Site $$ Sponsor

    Jan 18, 2005
    You could do that and rebate the 6BR rims to fit the 223.
    The cartridge to the far right is a BR rebated to 223 rim size.
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  20. Fast14riot

    Fast14riot Silver $$ Contributor

    Aug 21, 2013
    Not to mention I'm already set up for loading 223, have plenty of brass, bullets too.

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