2017 Northern Rockies F-Class LR Regional @ Deep Creek Range ** Match Results**

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  1. Jay Christopherson

    Jay Christopherson Administrator

    Aug 24, 2009
    The 2017 Northern Rockies LR F-Class Regional was shot this past weekend in Missoula, MT, at Deep Creek Range. This is a 3-day, long range regional F-Class match consisting of 2 individual days and 1 team day. The individual days are a 105-shot aggregate, consisting of a 45-shot Palma (800/900/1000) followed by a 20-shot x 1000 (Day 1) and a 40-shot x 1000 match (Day 2). The team match is a 45-shot per team member Palma match (800/900/1000).

    This is the 4th year I have traveled to shoot this match and as always, it was an excellent match. Jamey Williams does an outstanding job of herding cats and ensuring that the match runs smoothly. Bob Evans ran the line and really did an excellent job of keeping everyone safe and the match moving. Having him there to run things really made a difference in freeing Jamey up a bit I thought.

    I've attached the PDF results below, but here are the TL;DR results:

    Individuals (1050.105X):

    • Jay Christopherson, 1047.62X, MW
    • Tod Hendricks, 1043.61X, 2nd MW
    • Jim Williams, 1041.51X, 3rd MW
    • Justin Covey, 1030.48X, MW
    • Tom Hubbard, 1030.41X, 2nd MW
    • John Van Santford, 1027.36X, 3rd MW

    Team Matches (1800.180X):
    • F-Open - "Washington F-Open", 1794.121X
      • Jay Christopherson, 449.33X
      • Tod Hendricks, 448.28X
      • David Oakes, 448.30X
      • Monte Milanuk, 449.30X
    • F-TR - "Misfits", 1751.50X
      • John Van Santford, 436.14X
      • Beverly Van Santford, 441.13X
      • Phil Brackenbury, 436.12X
      • Larry Bandaccari, 438.11X
    So, let me just get this out of the way. Conditions were generally pretty good. Not perfect, but near to. There was enough change to push you out of the 10-ring if you were not careful, but overall, about as consistently good as you can expect. There was also some smoke haze, particularly on Friday and Saturday, that made seeing the target a challenge and looking at mirage was basically impossible. But, for all that, the wind was mostly very, very kind.

    The FTR matches had some interesting side notes - Tom Hubbard, the 2nd place winner, had some equipment issues before the match started. He ended up borrowing another shooter's rifle and shooting his ammo out of it at 800 yards and things did not turn out well. For the rest of the match, he borrowed another shooter's rifle (closer to his rifle's chamber) and just about made it all the way back for the win. Some very impressive shooting there. Justin Covey, the winner, has only been shooting for two years and shot an impressive HM score. In fact, note that the two top FTR shooters both shot HM scores! Finally, John Van Santford, the 3rd MW, is normally a very accomplished sling shooter. This was his first match shooting FTR. I'm not sure if he'll be able to completely remove the taint, but I'm sure there might be some NW FTR shooters who are just as happy to see him go back to sling. :)

    The F-Open matches were very close throughout - after Day 1, I believe there were 10 shooters within 5 points of each other and some very nice scores shot at the various stages. A whole lot of Master's (and an Expert and SS!) made a lot of ground into receiving their HM cards after this match. If your local 1000 yard range is not conducive to "leveling up" (i.e., Rattlesnake) your class, Deep Creek might be able to help you. ;-)

    In the team matches, the "Washington F-Open" (formerly, Team High Life WA and no, not for the reason you think) team scored 1794-121X, which we believe is the pending National Record. The most recent current record, that I am aware of, is 1789-100X, set at the recent 2017 Berger Southwest Nationals. We were very excited when our shooting held up at 1000 yards to break the record.

    As always, the match featured a catered BBQ dinner on Saturday along with a very nice prize table. The sponsors were very generous and the prize winners were very excited. We're all grateful when our matches feature great sponsorships. This match featured the following sponsors:

    • Peterson Cartridge Company
    • BAT Machine Co.
    • Criterion Barrels, Inc
    • Adam Macdonald- AutoTrickler
    • Bartlein Barrels
    • Elisio Stocks
    • Sierra Bullets
    • Creedmoor Sports
    • AMP annealer
    • LE Wilson
    • Manners stocks
    • Brux Barrels
    • Starline Brass
    • Sightron Scopes
    • McMillian Stocks
    • K & M precision
    • Warhorse development
    • US Tactical Supply
    • Berger Bullets
    • Hogue Stocks
    • Pacific Tool and Gauge
    • Western Powders
    • Lilja Barrels
    • BAT Actions
    • Barnes Bullets
    • Benchmark Barrels
    • Big-Brass.com
    • Brownells
    • Broughton Barrels
    • Bruno’s Shooter Supply
    • Carl Boettger Scope Mounts
    • Defiance machine
    • Dillon Precision
    • Holland’s Shooters Supply, Inc
    • Krieger Barrels
    • McGowen Precision Barrels
    • Nightforce
    • Savage Arms
    • Shilen Barrels
    • Sportsmans Warehouse - Missoula
    • Stiller Actions
    • Timney Triggers
    • Wyoming Armory
    • X-Caliber Barrels

    Thanks to @jameydan for a great match!

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  2. pat fulghum

    pat fulghum ¯\_(".")_/¯ Gold $$ Contributor

    Apr 12, 2016
    Congratulations to the very fine team score of 1794-121X for a 4 person F-Open Palma course.
    That team was @Jay Christopherson , @Tod Hendricks, Monte @milanuk , David Oakes (@dm.oakes).

    I think that record will stand for a while.

    It should be noted that @Jay Christopherson dropped only 4 points the whole weekend over 150 shots (30 @800, 30@900, 30@1000 and an additional 60@1000).
    That is a combined percentage 99.73%.... Great shooting Jay.

    I dropped 4 or more in the same relay.... more than once!

    There were a lot of good scores and fun competition, a great catered meal, and prize table.
    Thanks to @jameydan and Bob Evans and all the sponsors for a great weekend.

    It was the most fun shooting I have had this whole year. I will be back.
  3. Alex Wheeler

    Alex Wheeler Gold $$ Contributor

    Feb 5, 2011
    Great job! I hope to be back next year, when I have a rifle to shoot lol.
  4. lawman29


    Jun 20, 2013
    Dangit Jay, I've been telling everybody I was holding 5 minutes right and then it would switch, but I was able with my superior skills to dope it and get my HM:D
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  5. Jay Christopherson

    Jay Christopherson Administrator

    Aug 24, 2009
    LOL, sorry yeah, I realized after the fact that I missed out on an opportunity to make us look really, really good. I thought about talking about the amazing wind calls everyone made, but then I figured someone would call me out.
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  6. dmoran

    dmoran Gold $$ Contributor

    Nov 25, 2004
    Congratulations on being the Gold medal winner Jay. And to all.....
  7. Keith Glasscock

    Keith Glasscock True believer - Straight 284 Gold $$ Contributor

    Aug 17, 2010
    Congrats to Team Washington! Incredible shooting!
  8. Keith Glasscock

    Keith Glasscock True believer - Straight 284 Gold $$ Contributor

    Aug 17, 2010

    I think I'm going to need to modify that old gun of yours to keep up - great shooting!
  9. bpd459

    bpd459 Gold $$ Contributor

    Jan 19, 2006
    Congratulations on your performance, both individually and in team format this weekend.

    Yet another outstanding match in MT. To Jamey and SFC Bob Evans, Thank you for a great event. It ran like clock work. The MT Juniors did a great job providing target service

    To the prize contributors, Thank You! BAT Machine, Defiance actions, Bartlein, et al, your involvement helps promote our shooting sports.

    See you in 2 weeks.

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  10. Rogmay

    Rogmay Gold $$ Contributor

    Aug 27, 2016
    I'd also like to give a big thanks as well to Jamey and Bob for running an excellent match! My son Quinn and I shot there for the first time and everyone was awesome, it topped of the weekend when my boy won the Defiance action, two days latter, he still hasn't stopped talking about it! Biggest goal now is to get a new gun put together for Quinn to shoot it there next year! (he said I'm going down). Once again, thank you to Defiance and all the sponcers, it was amazing! Roger.
  11. Don

    Don Gold $$ Contributor

    May 24, 2007
    Jay what can I say ! Outstanding ! Job Well Done .....
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  12. Archer


    Feb 15, 2014
    I have a little back story to the FTR team that took first place, The Misfits.

    After three years of trying, I finally made it to this match. My initial plan, since this was a last minute travel plan, was to be a coach/alternate for the the USC team. I had just finished shooting the Idaho State Long Range Championships the weekend before, and received a call from Jamey literally on the drive back home that there was an opening.

    So, I arrive Friday morning with every intention to be an on the line spectator. During registration, I am called to the table by Kari and Jamey who asked if I wished to shoot the team match. After confirming that I had enough loaded rounds, I was introduced to John, Beverly, and Phil. Evidently their fourth team member did not make the trip. To say the least, I was nervous being a lowly Marksman shooting my first team event.

    When it was my time to shoot, Phil stepped to the line beside me and said he would see what he could do to read the conditions for me. Fast forward, Phil gave me the information and recommendations for some of the best scores I have ever shot, including a 149/150 at 900 yards. I was just hoping not to let them down. Phil and I clicked, he coached me and I did the same for him. Beverly and John coached each other.

    The rest, as they say, is history. When the smoke cleared, I did what I had hoped and that was to deliver the best that I knew I was capable of and in the end we were on top.

    Thanks again John, Beverly, and Phil for the awesome opportunity. Thank you, Jamey and others, for putting on a great match.

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