20 practical & 55gr. Bergers

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  1. NZVarminter


    Jun 21, 2008
    55g in a 204 will get you to 3200fps, no way your going to get anywhere near 3400 in a 20 practical with 2-3g less powder
  2. Tucker65

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    Nov 26, 2006
    Bringing up my old thread but I finally got around to finishing this project. This is a rifle I smithed myself and used the Remington 700 action I trued with my cnc milling machine. It's the second rifle I've put together myself so I'm somewhat of a rookie at this. I set out to use the 55gr Berger's in my 20 Practical and hoped they would also shoot the lighter 40gr v-max or 39gr blitzking. I tried a bunch of different powders and ended up going with Benchmark. My first groups after barrel break in were very promising but the velocity was only 3025 fps. As I tried to get the velocity up my groups also got bigger and I thought maybe these Berger's were not going to be the best bullet choice. I finally got the speed up to 3350 fps. with fairly good accuracy and that's where I'm at now. The 100 yard group was shot off a bench with bags and is 5 shots with the one out being the first shot. The 500 yard group was shot off bags and the roof of my pickup, not the best setup by any means but I was happy with the results. I'm going to drag my shooting bench out there next time and see If I can do better and long distance. Hopefully I'll be able to get few prairie dogs with this sometime soon.

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  3. xswanted


    May 11, 2012
    I’ve run 55s from an 8 twist 204 with lackluster ballistic results. 3300 fps is as fad as they will go, which I think is quite good speed for that cartridge but it wasn’t what’s I’d call exciting ballistically.

    I ran them from a 20-250 and a 20 Br in a 9 twist and they were better, especially in the 20-250.

    I’d go with your gain twist and they should shoot pretty well.
  4. dr foxtail

    dr foxtail

    Apr 18, 2011
    I know this thread is a little old but hopefully you will get this and be able to reply. My project is a 20 Creedmoor which I thought would be very similar to your 20 x 47 ballisticly. I would really appreciate some more information on your gun.
    Who did the build
    Barrel length, thoughts on a Benchmark barrel
    Load info
    Velocity with the 55 Bergers
    How does it perform on coyotes
    Is it a bang flop cartridge?
    Fur damage?
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