SOLD (2) SWFA 5-20x50HDs & (1) SWFA 3-9x42

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  1. Jowens

    Jowens Silver $$ Contributor

    Jun 30, 2014
    All scopes are non illuminated and in good condition. The 5-20s have some wear on the edges of the turrets.

    3-9 is in really good shape. No wear on the turrets, just some dust on the lenses.

    All scopes have butler creek flip up caps. All milquad ffp reticles.

    475 for the 3-9HD
    800 Each for the 5-20HDs
    1500 for both 5-20s
    1900 for all three scopes!

    Rings and levels not included.

    PM me a cell number or email for photos.

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