178 gr amax vs 175 smk

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  1. manhoer


    May 21, 2012
    has anyone compared the two.I know it depends on your rifle which one will shoot the best.but in your opinion which one of these to 178 gr amax or 175 smk in 308 is the clear winner.
  2. jbpmidas

    jbpmidas MR F-T/r Site $$ Contributor

    Jan 15, 2011
    I don't think there is a CLEAR winner between the two. For my personal use, accuracy trumps all. I think the 178 A-max has a slightly higher BC, but if the SMK shot 1/4 and the A-max a 1/2, I'm going with the SMK! I think you will be fine with either.

    I loaded 168 A-max's and NCC's the other day. When I shot them, they were very similar at 400 yards on steel. I do prefer the A-max's though.
  3. Minesweeper3433

    Minesweeper3433 45B/91F Site $$ Contributor

    Nov 13, 2010
    My M1A preffered the 178 HPBT from hornady over the 175 anything. But again that is just one rifle. I miss being able to get that cheaper than what it is now. :'(
  4. Cat MD

    Cat MD Herb Edwards Site $$ Contributor

    Jan 16, 2011
    175 SMK seems to work better for me 600 and out.
  5. Will

    Will Site $$ Contributor

    Oct 28, 2006
    I shoot 178s with my T2K but when shooting my GAP it liked 175 w/ 178 a close 2nd. Every rifle has favorites and I have no better answer than that. I did find that MAX load didn't perform as well as a "niche' load and that was shooting from 600 to 1K. I did find that my T2K preferred IMR 4895 over N150. Go figure !!
  6. XTR

    XTR Site $$ Contributor

    May 15, 2011
    I shoot F-TR with a 30" Krieger in a trued R700 action.

    I've fired thousands of 175SMKs and half as many Berger 185LRBTs at 1000 yards. In the search for a more cost effective option last weekend I tried the 178HPBT for the first time in a comp. Shooting with a load that I've had no opportunity to work on seating depth, just pointed them, stuck them in virgin WW brass, 0.010 off the lands over 44.4 Varget they shot a solid .75MOA vertical at 1000. I figure I can probably improve than with a little work.

    The shoot about 2.5MOA less elevation than the 175SMK and about 1MOA more than the 185 Berger.

    I likes em a lot, esp at about 17¢ per bullet less than Bergers.


    Apr 12, 2009
    I've been gearing up for our Fall - Winter 1,000 yd matches.

    A friend gave me 25 bullets 178 Amax's to try in my 30-06.
    Savage model 112 BVSS 26 " barrel 1 in 10 " twist.

    Using Varget ( 47.3 grs ) and .030" off the lands produced groups that were closer together at 300 yds and 1,000 yds that the 175 Sierras.

    I've now got a box of 100 AMAX's that I will use in this next competition.

    Amazing what3 grains will do for accuracy

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