17 Rem vs 204 Ruger for Coyotes

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  1. spencerhenry

    spencerhenry Silver $$ Contributor

    Nov 16, 2014
    I have not lost a coyote yet with the 17-223. I have had a couple of poorly placed shots that I followed up immediately with a second shot.
    I used to use a 223, I lost a few coyotes. On a poorly placed shot, I was reluctant to shoot again because with a spinning coyote you don't know what you're going to get and I didn't want another big hole in the hide. The hesitation on a follow up shot cost me a few. The 17 with its tiny entrance hole, I am not afraid of putting a second one it it. I have never had a "splash" with the 17. It also requires no vertical adjustment out to over 300 yards.
    22-250 puts them down hard, but I think in marginal shots it does much more hide damage. More than a few coyotes were left unskinned with a 22-250 bullet that layed open the whole side, or the spine shot that left a softball sized hole in the back.
  2. bbassi


    Jun 2, 2013
    I go back and forth one year to the next between my 17R and a 20 Practical. Both are very effective inside 300. I love my 17R because I usually don't have to bother stitching the hole, and we shoot a few fox and bobcats around here too and the 17 was made for that, but I sure hate losing 17R brass. With the 20P i don't even bother looking. LOL
  3. searcher

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    May 16, 2010
    I'd definitely go with a .204 or .20 Practical and Barnes Varmint Grenades. Exits non-existent unless near-point blank. What works between the .17 and .20 is not so much the caliber - but bullet size and type. The heavier weight and frontal area allow less penetration than the smaller diameter bullets that don't open as quickly and hold together too much sometimes. The sintered bullets excel at dumping all the energy into the critter and doing massive internal damage, resulting in super quick kills. I Love 40 grain .224" V-Maxes, for example, on squirrels, but I've lost a lot of coyotes on imperfect shots using that bullet, though never lost any with the 50 Varmint Grenade - and fewer through-shots. I have written letters to Barnes asking them to do a .17 Varmint Grenade so I can have that bullet for my .17.
  4. dakor


    Dec 28, 2010
    Thanks for the info everyone. I think I am going to build a 17 Rem first for next years calling season and a 204 the year after that. Than I will have both. :D
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  5. bullseyeshtr

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    Nov 22, 2016
    I use a 204R for yotes in an AR for my night gun with a suppressor and night vision. I love it. I use 32 barnes varminators and have had only one exit but it was tiny at 400 yds. Still got $50 on carcass. Normally out to 250 broadside they just tip over with a behind the shoulder shot. Lost 1 due to scope error on my part and not reading the directions properly and hit him far back and couldn't get a second shot in him. I splashed one as well but that was my fault on shot placement. Other than those 2 instances, zero issues with a 204 on yotes and the fur buyer doesn't complain one bit.

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