.17 Mach IV

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  1. Aussie_bob


    Apr 14, 2005
    Well finaly have my 17Mach IV together and ready to shoot.
    I originally got the barrel with another project rifle .221 fireball built on a Sako L461 Action with all forming and loading dies. The .221 is fun to shoot so instead of changing barrels i decided to find another action and build a seperate rifle and have fust completed the stock and put it all together.
    Loaded some shells with Benchmark 1 which is equivelent to N133 started at 15gr with 25gr HPBT have gone up in .5gr lots to 17gr have also loaded some with 18.8 of AR2206 which has been used in it before producing 3531pfs MV and .3 groups at 100m Will be intresting to see how it goes in its new stock will see tomorrow.
  2. vmthtr


    Nov 22, 2004
    Keep us informed. I am shooting a CZ rebarreled with a Shilen to a Mach IV. I am using 20g Vmax's and VV133, 17.8g. Was my most fun gun in the PD patch this spring, even feeds through the mag, rifle came as a 222.

  3. kory


    Dec 11, 2004
    The 17 Mach IV is a fun round to shoot. I have a Cooper Model 21 Varminter. I form my brass from 223 brass. A little bit more work, but you end up with higher quality brass. I use 18.4 grains of Benchmark with 25 grain Berger pills .005 off of the lands. This load gives me around 3900 fps with .300" 3 shot groups. For some strange reason, this last batch I did of this load is giving me problems that I need to sort out.

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