16.5” 6BRA

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  1. WVHick

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    Oct 16, 2017
    Im putting together a 16.5” Proof CF barreled Tikka for some WV deer hunting. It’ll be shot suppressed 100% of the time. Curious on where to get started with reloading data. I shoot the Berger 105 VLDs in my 20lb bench gun with a 26” barrel, but thinking of sticking with something in the 80-90 grain range for whitetail for added velocity due to short barrel.

    Anyone have any experience with short barreled 6 BRAs? Looking for most efficient powder to start with and what kinda velocity I can expect with a roughly 85 grain bullet. I have tons of Varget and H4895 as these are the popular powders for longer barrels but this shorter barreled stuff is new to me.

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  2. bsekf


    Apr 22, 2008
    How about 95 Berger Hunting VLD with <30 Varget?

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