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Dec 23, 2015
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Dec 30, 2015
    1. snert
      Boss, check out the TRUMP thread in main and varmint section by new guy ABsomethingsomething...the link seems to take to spam and maybe malware. I got dumped outta AS right after I hit on it.
    2. Todd Morley
      Todd Morley
      How do I change my username to a pseudonym?
    3. jlow
      Recently, I have had two threads deleted , both are reloading related. Problems with software that I worked with people to figure out and a situation where other reloaders may also run into, but it was deleted in a way that I think was inappropriate and I have to wonder about the motive behind it. Please look into this.
    4. Pete53
      i am kinda confused on how this site/forums works ? i just joined and am 65 not very good on a computer . any help or examples would certainly be appreciated .thank you,Pete53
    5. eaglescout
      I'm trying to send a private message to a member and it will not let it send. says something about spam or inappropriate content
    6. allen529
      I was a gold member can you tell me when that expired as I no longer see the designator...

    7. 61-63
      I've lost my password and thus cannot change it since the website asks for the old password before entering w new one. I'm automatically logged in so there is no problem yet, but if I ever get automatically logged out I won't be able to log back in. Could you send my password to my email address please.
    8. crustyrusty
      hello I am having a huge problem I log in and can read postings but cannot respond at all been that way for a couple of weeks then one day I could post. then it shut me down until today I am not a techie at all but I hope maybe that you have ran across this before Rusty
    9. 7mm looney
      7mm looney
      We can’t figure out how to make a post. Read a lot of directions but none talk about just a SIMPLE POST. What page do you go to to post? Thank you mmLooney
    10. Defty
      How do I clean out my "INBOX" of old messages????
    11. onelastshot
      I just donated when will the gold membership show up??????
    12. JimT
      I had a post that was deleted because it was deemed “rude.” I’m wondering what content was considered rude?
    13. GaCop
      I just noticed my birthdate is wrong in my profile. It should be December 7th, 1946 NOT December 31, 1900! I'm old but not that old!!
    14. Rick Ratzlaff
      Rick Ratzlaff
      I'm guessing this is Paul? I need to talk to you on the phone. Can you text me at 780-518-6885 when if and when it would work for you. Thanks Rick
    15. atombomb
      heya.. I donated $50 on sept 4th, but it hasn't been credited to my account and my gold status applied
    16. Rick Ratzlaff
      Rick Ratzlaff
      My password got messed up. Well really my Old Timers head didn't write it down. So I can't change it. SOS
    17. Garrett Coleman
      Garrett Coleman
      Can you tell me how to delete a posting. I sold a rifle and cannot figure out how to delete the posting. Under thread tools the only thing that comes up is to ignore the thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    18. willbas
      small bore has ben spamed
    19. shootn4fun
      Made a contribution in May, please direct me to the contact for a Site Contributor???
      Have responded to previous communication, no action taken?????
      Have been a member for some time, but only recently finding a Great!!Value! in the Forum.

      Keep up the good job.
    20. ratbuster
      I made a donation earlier but I was not logged in. What does it take to be labeled a "Site Contributor"?
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