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    1. Lee Bowman
      Lee Bowman
      I have Berger 155 and 155.5 400 ct each. 50 cents each
    2. Shooter13
      At this point Scott I just want a refund, really don't care how good your scales are, no communication on your part leaves a very bad taste.
    3. Shooter13
      Scott, PP'ed you on 8/5 and haven't heard back from you, can you just return my money or ship the scale as I can get a response back from you.
    4. th82457
      Scott, you are on this site every day & you cashed my check for the Lyman M5 scales on 5/25/18, I would like a response with a tracking or a refund for the scales I bought. It seems to be an issue for you to take care of business after taking money from fellow members ? Very unethical. I have sent many messages. Please respond with either a valid tracking # for what you were paid for or send a refund ASAP.
    5. CVH
      Scott, tried the e-mail, voice mail routine, doesn't seem to work. Scales were to be out 3-24? I've kept our correspondence personable and personal thus far. Please do what I paid you for and get my scales back to me.
      Thank you,
    6. holstil
      Scott, Jim McGinniss
      I sent a scale to you back in May last year for tuning. Any idea when it will be finished?
      Tracking# 9505 5136 8442 7087 0363
    7. Pav67
      I just unpacked a m5 scale I bought from you awhile back and can’t get it to zero.If I use the check weight I have to go heavy.With scale on zero it takes 2 of the cleaning patches used in shipping to raise the beam.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Chris Pavloff 763 489-8941
    8. namsag
      Waiting for your call. When may I expect my scale?
    9. namsag
      Scott I have been trying to contact you via PM, email, phone message, and the forum. Please let me know ASAP when I may expect to see the scale that I sent you back in January for tune-up. It has been six months.
    10. Herb3
      Scott I guess my scale did not ship out on 2/14 as discussed . If it did I have not seen it yet here.

    11. RussellJ
      For the umpteenth time... I sent you a RCBS 10-10 Scale to be calibrated back in late June early July. I'm just checking on the status.
      1. sparker
        Sorry Russel, I will have it out to you by the end of the week.
        Nov 8, 2016
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