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    1. Bc'z
      Ben, hearing about the shortage of h4831sc one of my favorites.
      I was wondering about RL23 as a substitute. Alex" fast14riot" was suggesting I give it a shot in my 06' and 6.5cm.
      I noticed it's a slower powder than h4831sc.
      1. ShootDots
        Lot to lot consistencies in the Hodgdon line makes putting them in "burn rate order" very difficult. Here is how I put it: RL-23 is almost exactly the same burn rate as H4831sc if you have a fast lot of H4831sc. If you have a slow lot, RL-23 is a bit faster..
        Feb 29, 2020
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    2. MontanaCreedmoor

      I shoot with Johhny I and Tim V at Bayou Rifles.
      Building a nice new 300 WSM. Tim suggested I get with you on load/barrel/chamber specs
      713-985-9105 (cell)
    3. AZ67
      Hello ShootDots fellow Arizonan here. If time permits could you give me some info on the 260AI. Average barrel life, I know this varies because of multiple factors so a ballpark number is fine. I have a few long actions so was going to go that route for the build, any drawbacks for using a long action? I dont shoot competitively I hunt and shoot at steel.

      Thanks for your time.
      1. ShootDots
        Average barrel life of a .260A.I. during competition is about 1700+/-. Long actions are no problem. RL-16, H4350, RL-23 and H4831sc are the powders of choice. If you are using a 26" barrel, between 2880 and 2910 will be the sweet-spot. RL-16 would be MY FIRST choice of powders.
        Jul 4, 2019
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    4. One Shot One Thrill
      One Shot One Thrill
      A question if I may.
      I'm currently using R-22 in 7saum and find it extremely accurate at 1k. I'm about to start with R-23 preoaring for the hot times here in Ga. How much would you recommend reducing the initial charge to be close to the 22?
      Also do you think 23 is as accurate as 22?
      1. ShootDots
        I would start maybe as far as 2 grains down and work up in 3 tenths increments. As far as accuracy is concerned, they are two entirely different powders. All you can do is try RL-23 and see where it lands accuracy wise to 22.. It is a good powder..
        Dec 28, 2018
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    5. Coolhand
      Dear Mr Dots , just read your post about the comparison you made between your new 260AI and your buddies 7MM.
      I decided to PM you as I am tossing up the idea of converting my .260 also to AI. but a few of my mates are offering up the opinions that the conversion is of no advantage. Therefore I would be most grateful if you could offer me your reasons for opting for the .260AI.

      best wishes
      1. ShootDots
        I can not say why, however, that 40 degree shoulder seems to make MOST "improved" cartridges shoot a tad more accurately. Additionally, you don't have to trim the necks nearly as often. Finally, you do get SOME increase in powder capacity. Not a lot BUT maybe 4 percent..
        Jun 24, 2016
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    Retired Houston, Texas Police Lieutenant
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