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  1. majohnson attached a file to the thread Manners clamp knob.

    BP1 sent pictures of a 1” knob on his rifle, it has no problem locking the cheek piece in place. On the replacement nut I lengthen it...

    63DD8E00-9B73-4EC4-B7B8-AB41A36DD36C.jpeg CFBF7E47-BE49-47DE-9342-4DC1509B4B90.jpeg 681B8DA7-72DF-4AE1-BFAA-0B64C5636AF4.jpeg Jul 16, 2018 at 10:53 PM
  2. majohnson replied to the thread 338LM brass and bullets.

    I started with 97.1gr of Retumbo at 2760fps with 300 Bergers, and the pockets are like they were the first load. I have RL33 on standby,...

    Jul 12, 2018