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    1. Michael Bryant
      Michael Bryant
      Received the bipod today!! Excellent workmanship , very high quality!! Anyone looking for an F class bipod, look no further. Gnergy bipods are amazing!
    2. Michael Bryant
      Michael Bryant
      Interested in your bipod! Just wondering if it would attach to my Sako Trg Rifle ? Would love further contact? I’m really new to Ftr shooting, in fact I haven’t entered my first match yet. I’ve heard some good comments about your bipod . I’d like to know cost and if it’s designed to shoot like a sled or loaded . Looks like a sled from pictures I’ve seen. Please contact me I’d love to hear from you!
    3. 308 shooter
      308 shooter
      Hey there , was wondering if you could give me your contact info , I,m in the market for a bipod and really like what I.m reading about your's , but I can't find any picture's on the net in several day's of searching . Thank you
    4. Topwater
      I have one of your bipods that came with a rifle that I purchased from Nomad47. What is the cost for another? Thanks.

    5. jp
      Merry Christmas!! Question for you. I would like to have another bi-pod. 14" wide barrel height around 8" is this something you can build. Love the one I have.
      Thanks Joe
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