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May 22, 2020
Jul 24, 2009
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Erik Cortina

Team Lapua Brux Borden Captain, Male, from Texas

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May 22, 2020
    1. Ranger007
    2. mike mccormick
      mike mccormick
      Hi Erik. Having a new rifle built. Thinking of using a tuner, but my muzzle is 0.820( medium palma). Do you make one that will work?
    3. Dbov245
      Eric i am new to reloading.
      I have been loading for my 6.5 prc.
      I have a really predicable pattern through my loads.
      I do load in increments of .5
      Each node is .8 grains in length.
      Is a full grain node a hard rule or can it very?
    4. Philip Bryant
      Philip Bryant
      Eric: Casting in the dark for a SEB Mini, so I can travel with Team Bayou, Houston. Do you have any leads? Wait time is 8-12 mo. Tim said he would not give up his.
    5. hunter2678
      Eric, by any chance can you tell me the loaded neck diameter of a 6.5 grendel with a 123 scenar and lapua brass?
    6. Al. M
      Al. M
      Hi Erik
      Where can I get your tuner and do you do any barrel work?. Putting together 7mmSAUM need 2-3 barrels cambered with your tuner.
    7. 284 lapua
      284 lapua
      Hi thanks for the like on my face book I used your loading techniques to get my rifle shooting i.e. The way you seat your bullets help a lot guy.
      See you at the worlds
    8. duane fitzgerald
      duane fitzgerald
      Hello Erik. Emil is building another .284 for me and we're interested in using your tuner - what's the cost and time frame? Duane Fitzgerald
    9. RonS
      Erik, these cases wobble after deprimed. My Lapua brass doesn't do this, it's some of my other brass, mainly those shot in my ARs.
      1. Erik Cortina
        Erik Cortina
        Don't waste your time with them, I doubt brass would be improved after facing the head.
        Jun 26, 2016
    10. RonS
      Erik, I have observed with some of my cases, after firing it will wobble when stood on end. I have been toying with the idea of squaring the base so that it stands perpendicular to a flat surface and also ensure a straight even neck. What are your thoughts of this? Do you think this will make a difference in accuracy? I don't shoot competition but I love accurate rifle. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. RonS
      1. Erik Cortina
        Erik Cortina
        Do they wobble with the primer still on them? Firing pin causes a crater on primers wen it strikes, and that might be what's causing the wobble.

        I don't think it would matter at all. Get Lapua brass if you can, it is the most consistent brass you can buy.
        Jun 24, 2016
    11. Shynloco
      I've got a doopie question. Saw a post in the classifieds for a Jewell BR trigger that the seller says you "blueprinted". Will that trigger work as well in a different rifle that has not been blueprinted in the same effort? Just curious. Thx.

      1. Erik Cortina
        Erik Cortina
        It will work well in another rifle. The only thing bluprinted is the trigger, which allows it to function better than a stock trigger.
        Apr 17, 2016
    12. jkl
      Can you measure the spacer for you Whitten bullet pointer. I bought one and it is missing the spacer and I will make one if I can get the dimensions.

      John Lowther
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