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H4350 VS AA 4350 VS IMR 4350

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FWIW Accurate Arms' website says AA4350 is made in Canada.  The site may not be up to date however.

I bought 8 1# jugs of AA4350 on sale 6 or 8 months ago and it was all made in Canada.

The only caliber that I have done any comparison between IMR and AA 4350 with is in my 25-06 with 117 gr Sierra Pro Hunter and 49 grs with a Rem case and a CCI 250 mag primer. I get the same results from both 2975 fps. Bug holes at 100 and at 300 yards same impact and will shoot just under 1 inch in calm wind.  AA powders are very good. I have used a bunch of them. They used to be MUCH cheaper than H or IMR but not so these days.

I have played with H4350 and IMR 4350, but not with AA 4350. I have some AA 4350, but have not used it. (My AA 4350 is made in the Check Republic, with a 2007 date.) Looking at Hodgdons burn rate chart They list IMR 4350 as the hottest of the three, with the Hodgdon 4350 right behind it, and then RE17 and then AA 4350. From my experience I have found that H4350 will shoot about 1 minute higher than IMR at 600 yards, given the same powder weight, bullets etc. I know that the two also meter different as what I have listed on my Harrell powder measure for IMR 4350 and Hodgdon 4350 are a bit off in numbers for the same weight. If you look at the two they look different. Hodgdon 4350 is greenish in color, and IMR 4350 is black in color. Personally I like the IMR powder better.

When I talked to one of the lab tecks at Westernpowders, I asked him about their 4350 powder. He told me that their AA 4350 would be closer to IMR 4350 that it would be to the Hodgdon powder. From my understanding Accurate powder made prior to 2009 was made in the Check republic, after that it is made by General Dynamics in Canada. (He said look at the sticker on the bottom of the can, if the year is after 2009 it is Canadan product.) I have also been told that IMR powder is made in the same plant as the Accurate powder. (Maybe this is why he said that the AA 4350 would be closer to IMR 4350.) Hodgdon extream powder is made in Australia. H4350 is an extream powder.

I asked the teck at Westernpowders why the price hike in their powders, and he told me that they had a lot of problems dealing with the Check company, and decided to purchase their powder off of the Canadan company. He told me that the powder was far better, and more consistant, with that comes a price. They figure that having quality was better than having a lower price.


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