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Coating for stainless barrels???

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Black cerakote or Melonite.  Melonite isn't really a coating but a byproduct of a hardening process.  You are suggested to break in your barrel before you send it off for Melonite treatment so that is something to consider.  Cerakote is a darn tough coating that if done right will last a lifetime.  Durakote also makes a blued steel color but is not as strong as Cerakote, is thicker, and takes a few weeks to fully cure.


have 3 hunting rifles coated by "blackice coating" in Utah.   

have held up very well.

Lee does an excellent job.

Charlie Watson:
I tried air cure Duracoat on one of my rifles and it didn't work. I had Cerakote applied and it's perfect.

Ing. Michael W. Mayerl:

--- Quote from: Hatchet_Jack on 06:32 PM, 03/27/12 ---I ordered a sporter barrel in chromoly and after waiting nearly 4 months, it arrived... In stainless.  This is going on a hunting rifle and I need it to have a black coating of some sort to stay with the traditional blued look.  The action is a blued, chromoly Remington and the barrel is now stainless.  I need a recommendation for a coating that can be applied to both barrel and action so that they match.  I want something that looks good and that will be scratch resistant.   I'd like to avoid using a cheap spray on product.  I want this gun to last a lifetime. 
Any recommendations welcomed.  Project is stalled until I find a solution. 

--- End quote ---

Duracoat or Ceracoat is great for stainless barrels and actions.

john pruitt:
Are you sure it is stainless? choromoly  llooks

Are you sure it is stainless ? they look just alike when you receive them from the barrel maker just a thought I have made that mistake just looking at a barrel


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