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Coverting 700 BDL 30-06 to 240/6mm

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Hi Trapper
As in my original post the idea came after reading about converting a 30-06 to a 240 Weatherby with little if any change to the bolt and magazine.   Then my search was expanded by sorting through which 6mm cases would fit a 30-06 reloading shell holder which identified the 243 Winchester, 240 Weatherby,  243 Gibbs, 243 Catbird, 6mm/257 Roberts, 6mm BR and 6mm-250, 6mm-284, 6mm-06 variations, 6mm Super LR and 250 Savage.  Obviously some of these combinations are wildcats that have not made the jump to commercial production.

The original 244 Remington was a 257 Roberts necked down to 6mm which should work well in a long action rifle especially if it is used for hunting where the overall length might be close to the 2.825 published value for the cartridge.  The 244 was renamed after Remington found that their original rifle twist would not stabilize bullets exceeding 90 grains (Remington, I believe, thought the rifle would be used for varmints).  The cartridge lost favor and was subsequently reissued as a 6mm Remington that had a faster twist to stabilize the heavier bullets.  I would think going to the 257 Roberts would not be an issue.  There is a great deal of reloading data and plenty of factory ammunition selections available. 

These sites are wonderful because there are suggestions you may not think of or people with similar experiences that can provide you with potential problems that may occur which can save a lot of stress and money.  I'd suggest picking your cartridge based on your expectations (purpose), what are willing to accept (e.g., reloading or not), cost and longevity (e.g., barrel life) and then find a gun smith that can build an accurate/reliable shooter that he'll stand behind.


You can easily convert your LA to a SA with some fairly simple modifications. Contact one of the excellent gunsmiths and they will give you the details.
Personally, I would not even consider the Weatherby, Hawk, Gibbs, etc. A 6mm-06, 6mm-284 and othrs of that case capacity are way overcapacity for 6mm and the additional velocity at muzzle doesn't make up for all the disadvantages. There is a reason why the .243 is so popular.

   It all depends on what your looking for. I have acouple of 6-284 and a 224 TTH for long range coyote guns and I very much like the flatter shooting I get with them, in fact I thinking of going to a 22-284 for more case capicity. With some of the new powders on the market you can now make better use of the larger cases. I will admit that burning all of that powder does come at a price as barrel life is shortened, but I get abt. 1,000 rounds through the 224 TTH before I have the barrel set back and rechambered, but I guess if you want to play you have to pay at least alittle extra.

You have a valid point. If you want max. velocity and are willing to make the trade offs, something like a 6mm-284 will work. There is a a case capacity limit for each bore diameter above which you no longer increase velocity with more powder. However, you burn out the barrel at a rapid rate. The military has experimented extensively with this but I don't know their data. Some others have used a .378 Wby. case necked way down to try and go over 5000fps. Max. velocity with powder is about 6000fps which is the velocity of the escaping gas. It never reached because you would need a frictionless bore. Again, the military has looked at smooth bores and other propulsion systems.Nevertheless, you can have lots of fun maxing things out and I have done it myself. Bill


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