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Tucker conversion?

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--- Quote from: 22BRGUY on 08:54 AM, 04/06/11 ---Do you guys feel this is worth the time and $ to have installed on any scope or just heavy recoil or ?
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If you go to this site: and then scroll down to Locking a Leupold Scope you'll see an example of the Bob Brackney External Adjustable Mounts system that locks up all internals and uses external dials for all adjustments. It's used in short range Benchrest by those who don't want to leave anything internal to chance. The conversion runs around $500 per scope and some swear by it. Gene Bukys the current World Benchrest Champion has his own TSI system that costs about the same. If interested, Bob can be reached at 928-684-3255 and Gene at 713 299-9420.

"The advantage of the External System is that, mechanically, it is 100 percent. All you have to do is look at the record in the past 3 years of those of us who use them to see that the scope moving problem is solved. The cost is quite reasonable, if you already have a scope. The disadvantage is that there are no clicks, you do have to stay on top of where you are. But once you get the hang of it, (for instance, going from 100 to 200 and back), it becomes a snap." ... Jackie Schmidt
Source: Benchrest Central Forums

Cecil Tucker's contact info:
1567 North Jude Ave.
Odessa, TX 79763
(432) 530-2919
cell phone (432) 553-4692
Reticle Swaps and Tucker spring modification.


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