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6.5 Creedmoor VS 6.5-284

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The 6.5 creedmore is very gentle on barrels but for long shots on sheep the 6.5x284 would be ok.Most hunters go with the magnums because of downrange terminal ballistis.The .300 wsm is good all around and you can use it in a short action and have a very handy light hunting rifle. If you dont like the heavy recoil then have a gunsmith install a jp enterprise muzzle brake because they work.They are ugly to most because they are patterned after a tank brake,however they reduce felt recoil alot making the .300wsm a kitten.This way you will have a powerful,handy,accurategun with all the power to humanely dispatch game with one shot kills. The 6.5x284 is a wonderful accurate cartridge but with a .30 caliber you can hunt anything on the continent.

Downrange ballistics on the 6.5-284 will be great with a 140 grain bullet and you will get longer barrel life than the BR shooters that tend to stand up and say it is hard on them.  BR shooters, as I have said in other posts, fire longer strings of shots with far less cool down time between strings.  As the barrels heat up every shot fired does exponentially more damage than the last.  Ifyou hold it to 3 shot strings and allow a full cool down between 3 shot strings, your barrel life will be extended a great deal over 900-1000 rounds.  Data manuals are written generally 8-10% below max with the 6.5-284 according to Walt Berger, and you can expect to achieve far more velocity than the manuals would suggest.  There is a lot of data out there for this cartridge if you look for it that will better show it's capability.  In a manual it is comparable to a 6.5x55 or a .260 but in reality it is closer to a 264 WM than it is to a 260 rem, or a creedmore. You can easily achieve 3100 FPS with a 140 gr. bullet without getting pressure signs, and I have seen 3200 with mine, with beginning pressure signs (primers starting to crater).  You CAN get well beyond 3200 but your brass life will be thoroughly cut down.  A 140 grain projectile with over a .550 BC launched at 3100 FPS will have only about 15 ft-lbs less energy than a 180 .308 launched at 3000 fps.  They seem pretty close, and if you want to get into real terminal ballistics the 140 6.5 bullet will have a slightly higher sectional density indicating that it SHOULD penetrate slightly better especially considering impact velocity will be higher with the 6.5.  .30s are cool and I like them, but science and experience says that they are no more capable at any range (1000 yards and under) than the 6.5 with less than a 200 grain bullet.  Also the 180 .308 bullet will have fallen well below optimum impact velocity for just about any bullet made by the time it gets to 800 yards., it may not open up.  And with a 6.5 you can hunt anything but brown bears and I wouldn't hunt that with a .30 either.  Their is nothing you can do with a .30 that you cannot do just as well and with better efficiency with a 6.5.  You can hunt anything from prairie dogs to bull moose with a 6.5-284 and they are well proven.  A 300wsm will not make any animal fall down any quicker. 
A 6.5-284 is powerful, accurate, and handy, and can humanely dispatch game just as quickly as any 300.  I have killed deer with a .300 win mag as with my 6.5s and I have had more deer run after being hit with a 190-200 grain 30 than with a 130-140 6.5.  I have only witnessed one deer of probably 15-20 take more than two steps after being hit with any of my 6.5s.  4 of 6 have run a good distance after being hit with the .300 wm.  bigger doesn't always mean better.
JonBearman, I didn't write this as any sort of insult or to attempt to undermine your opinion, I simply want to offer an opposite opinion that I have researched and is based on facts as I know them along with my own experience and that of others.   

I have never shot a deer or anything big for that matter with a rifle, but shot placement is key imo.  With that being said, all rounds listed would be great for hunting.  If i were to go with a hunting round and had a short action already, I would do 260.  Also if I didnt shoot 1000 rounds in 3 or 4 years, I would go 6.5x284.  But here is something else, what about just the .284 win?  You get a bigger bullet and speed also with better barrel life.  Everytime I watch hunting on versus, they use a mag round. such as 270 wsm or 300 wsm. 

I would go with the 6.5-284. Great cartridge. I've got .264WM's and you really do not need all that extra powder capacity. The 6.5-284 can produce almost the same velocities with 10 grains less powder and barrel burning heat. The BC's of the 6.5mm bullets are better than the larger calibers and produce better down range terminal energy. Great long range target and hunting cartridge. You can get Lapua and Norma brass for it.

I'm not trying to take everything away from .30 calibers as such have mentioned but good luck getting a .30 caliber in the same sectional density and ballistic coefficient as a 6.5 AND up to the same speed. To match the BC of a .264" 140 VLD you've got to run up into the 220 grain class for a .30 and you're not getting that up to 3100 FPS without a large cartridge and triple the recoil.

I've got a 6.5 Creedmoor and with Lapua brass I ran 140 Amax and 140 VLDs up to 3130FPS with R17 but it was hard getting single digit SD, that speed wasn't attainable with the Hornady brass. You can get 6.5-284 speeds out of it if you wish but you need to run the right brass. I suspect Norma 6XC brass would also do well in that role.

The Creedmoor is silly easy to reload for and get single digit ES doing normal case prep and using the right powder primer combination. I'm currently running H4350 and Wolf primers and downtuned my loads back down to 2900 FPS with a 140 and I'm getting better numbers and accuracy.

The 6.5-284 is great but the Creedmoor [can] match the performance of it albeit while hard on brass but it also does it in a short action with much better barrel life of 3-4000 rounds give or take.



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