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Author Topic: 260's and 6.5x284 barrel life  (Read 7414 times)

Offline AlanPF

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260's and 6.5x284 barrel life
« Reply #15 on: 06:32 AM, 06/30/09 »
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  • Quote from: mikecr
    ...But what good would a 6.5/284 be for that?

    It's only purpose is competition.
    To gain an edge -at a price...

    Exactly Mike. I've been in a couple of shoot-offs for No.1 badge in state championships in Australia recently. Lying on the 1000 yard mound, after toughing it out for 3 days, and about to start the shoot-off - now that is when I have no regrets about using a 6.5-284. Barrel costs are the last thing I think about then - just glad to be using a very competitive calibre.


    Offline JCummings

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    260's and 6.5x284 barrel life
    « Reply #16 on: 07:23 PM, 06/30/09 »
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  • I have a 260 Rem F Class rifle I just finished this Spring.  It is a Savage RBRP LRPV target action with a 28' 1:8 Shilen barrel, Rifle Basix trigger, and Sharp Shooter Supply LRBR stock.  So far the only load I've finished working up is 142SMKs,0.010 IN), Nosler brass, Fed210M with 43.5gr H4350.  This gives an Ave. velocity of 2892fps with ES/SD of 9/3.  I can go  hotter.  Max for this rifle is 44.5,could go higher but won't!) which gives an Ave. velocity of 2970fps but the group is now where near as good.  With a 2892 velocity and groups under 1/2 MOA I'm quite happy and know that I can get to 1000 yards without a problem.  I anticipate significantly longer barrel life than with the 6.5-284 and cheaper loading to boot.

    Offline cliffe

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    260's and 6.5x284 barrel life
    « Reply #17 on: 11:17 PM, 06/30/09 »
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  • jc, what do you think 'significantly longer barrel life' will be? why will it be cheaper to load? i figure at 43.5 to 48 grains of powder, you will get an  extra 15 shots to a pound of powder.
     i still can't figure out why burning 4 and 1/2 grains more powder would cut your barrel life in about half.
     6.5x284 at least has way better brass:D   cliffe

    Offline JCummings

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    260's and 6.5x284 barrel life
    « Reply #18 on: 08:39 AM, 07/01/09 »
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  • Cliffe:
    From what I've seen other shooters usually get at least 2000 rounds out of a 260, some significantly more.  Most tell me the 6.5-284 get around 1000,800-1200).  That's twice the barrel life for the 260 which is significant to me.  As far as loading the 6.5-284 brass is more expensive and you use more powder.  Not a lot of difference but still costs $.  Also the Redding Type S die set that I like to use costs $30.00 more for the 6.5-284 as well.  Plus, I already have the 260 dies. If I was  competing at 1000 yards at the national level I would definitely use the 6.5-284.  At that level barrels are just the cost of doing business.  Since I'm not, I'll shoot the 260 and put the extra $400.00/year for a barrel into something else - like bullets and powder.


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