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Author Topic: AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data  (Read 10109 times)

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AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data
« on: 06:12 PM, 11/23/04 »
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  • Natchez is offering a super deal right now on AA 2230-C powder. $59.95 for 8 lbs. For comparison, Powder Valley is selling it now for $99 for 8 lbs. This is an excellent powder for 50-65gr bullets. Great velocity, excellent accuracy, meters well, and we have loads,use AA 2460 data) on the Varmint page. It is a double-base ball powder that works very well in .223 also. AA 2460 with a 58gr V-Max is one of Dan Dowling's favorite loads.

    Natchez Shooters' Supply, item # AA2230C8

    Paste this into your browser: http://www.natchezss.com/product.cfm?searchItem=accurate%20powder&CFID=1133448&CFTOKEN=63061978
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    I believe if you check closely, you will find this is AA2230-C powder. this is a slower power than the AA2230 powder. It is listed in their 2004-3 catalog st $54.95.
    - - -
    Glen, you're correct about the "C" designation. It is our understanding that this is a military compound and is a powder used in many factory-loaded .223 cartridges. We checked with Accurate about the burn rate and reloading characteristics. Here is the official word from Accurate Powders. Bottom line is that you should use AA 2460 load data.

    From Accurate Powder Technical Department:

    "This powder is the same burn rate as 2460 which is ever so slightly slower than the std 2230. We use the same reference powder for both 2460 and 2230-C to certify the product.

    Special notes on 2230-C powder.

    We do not have specific published load information for the 2230-C powder. It's a military surplus “Ball” or “Spherical” powder, which is basically a derivative of the standard AA 2230 and 2460 powders. 2230-C is slightly slower burning than the standard AA 2230 product, which makes it more equivalent to AA2460.

    · You can use any published load information, on any caliber configuration, for the standard AA 2460 product AS IS.

    · The powder can be used in a wide variety of caliber/configurations,too many to list here).

    · For additional reloading data--Please visit our website www.accuratepowder.com ."

    MODERATOR: This is still a very useful powder, particularly for lighter bullets, and $60 for 8 lbs. represents one of the best values around.

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    AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data
    « Reply #1 on: 09:12 AM, 12/04/05 »
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  • Hey Guys. I have been using AA2230C for quite a while now.,about 8 jugs) Started off with .223 and ended up using it in .308, 22.250, 30.06 and my .221 fireball as well. No load data for the fireball but a full case can get 3250 FPS with 55s. It will be used in my new toy,Savage 6BR. The price is right, it burns clean, and it meters well. Don't need any other reasons to use it.:)
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    AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data
    « Reply #2 on: 10:13 AM, 12/04/05 »
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  • I have used this in one of my 6br's ...it shoots very good even with a bit heavier bullets as well...a bench rest friend let me use a couple of pounds and I was pleasantly surprised.  I also emailed AA and they gave me info on the 204 ruger...has also shown fine results 27.5 grs 32 vmax at a bit over 3900fps ..being a ball powder its very smooth in the funnel and measures...good stuff

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    AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data
    « Reply #3 on: 11:49 PM, 12/06/05 »
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  • I ordered four 8lb. jugs of the stuff from Natchez a few months ago, and it's been on backorder ever since. A call to them a few weeks ago revealed that they had over 3200lbs. of it on backorder at the sale price, and had no idea when those orders would be filled. Anyone heard anything out of Natchez in regards to when they'll be getting more 2230C in?

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    AA 2230C -- $60/8 lbs -- Use AA 2460 Data
    « Reply #4 on: 04:31 PM, 12/07/05 »
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  • Natchez lists the 2230C on "sale" at anywhere from $65.71 to $79.95.  Their "regular" price ranges anywhere from $85.26 to $98.60.

    Natchez has 2230C listed at $69.95.  Powder Valley sells the 2230C for $68.00 all of the time.  I'm not sure where you got the price of $99.00, maybe from the regular 2230.
    As of December 2005 Powder Valley has about 8,000 lbs of the 2230C in stock.  


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