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  1. Rdlningcltchdmpr
    Rdlningcltchdmpr RGRobinett
    I have a question about twist rate .
  2. Frank Neikirk
    Frank Neikirk jerryscherrer
    I would like to sell everything as a package for $750 with free shipping. Thanks for asking
  3. Frank Neikirk
    Frank Neikirk HiVelocity
    $750 for everything with free shipping. Thanks for asking.
  4. biggun2869
    biggun2869 butchlambert
    Hey Butch, Got my top today. Everything looks great. Really wanted to make sure you had received my check. I am NEW to these joystick rests. Any tips for me? Thanks, Gary, please let me know that you got my check
  5. Blazer
    Blazer rr-rebel
    I have a 20 inch DPMS 243 barrel like new maybe 100 rounds fired shoots 87 v max awesome. $150 and whatever actual shipping would be.
  6. rayporter
  7. Chet Asher
    Chet Asher ARW
    Yes, still for sale
  8. 1Merlin
    1Merlin zeke06
    Zeke would you do a Shilen ratchet for me for my CZ 457?

    Merlin Orr
  9. wzee
    wzee billlarson
    please send cell phone# thanks you
  10. Fred sershen
    Fred sershen Super Admin
    is it legal for a member to sell factory powder for local pickup only on this site? thank you
  11. Ackman
    Ackman libertyman777
    I'm selling a Bushnell Elite 4200, 8-32,focuses to 10yds or less. Looks new, no ring marks it was in Burris Signature rings. $350 shipped.
  12. Nathan Gravitt
    Nathan Gravitt AlNyhus
    I think that you are right. We are in the process of moving and the in-laws have been in for 2 weeks so my head is in100 different places. I think you are right on the 26”. It is definitely from a VLP. I will pull it out here in a bout an hour and send some pics and confirm length if you are interested
    1. AlNyhus
      Thanks! Take your rush here. -Al
      Mar 27, 2020
  13. JMayo
    JMayo Chris Mackey
    Easy deal, quick shipping
  14. beak
    FOR SALE. 996 fed 215primers---196 unfired 308 brass--100 30 cal308 match for looking. beak [steve].
  15. Woodchk
    Woodchk Preacher
    Bruce , Hope you are doing well , was wondering if you have ever inletted one of your handgun stocks . For any action other than an XP100 . Thanks Pat
  16. Supersparks
    Supersparks jobhopper66
    Outstanding trust worthy young man. Had a really nice phone conversation. I would not hesitate to buy from again.
  17. Ledd Slinger
    Ledd Slinger
    Stratahorn Precision - High Ouput Performance Gear
  18. D-4297
    D-4297 Laurie
    Took your suggestion on the N-150 . I shoot TR using 185 Berger's & 200 Hybrids , 200.20x's . Shooting 200 Hybrid w/ 43.8gr of Varget at 2645 fps. Your thoughts on starting loads with N -150 . Thank you , Gene
  19. swede69
    swede69 rem40xb1
    Are you still doing the brakes?
  20. Gordon Nelson
    Gordon Nelson Lone Hunter
    I had excellent communication through the whole process. Item was as described and what I was expecting. Delivery was very prompt and would buy again with this seller.