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  1. johnmyers
    johnmyers alf
    Great man to deal with
  2. RSRains
    RSRains alf
    A man of his word and will do business with again.
  3. Rick Casey
    Rick Casey Hammer47
    What are you asking for the XP stock? Pic?
  4. alintx
    alintx RSRains
    If you don't have immediate need for the lh sa 700 i sure can use it. Was gonna order a new gun in the morning to disect!
  5. jeford
    jeford fabricator21
    Consider it sold at $270 shiipped. How would you prefer payment?
  6. DocDoc
    DocDoc Terry Altom
    Would appreciate information on building a set of wind flags.
    Ted Richerzhagen
    1. Terry Altom
      Terry Altom
      Sure thing. I'll get it to you this evening or tomorrow. It's easy and inexpensive. They respond almost too fast.
      Mar 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM
    2. Terry Altom
      Terry Altom
      Ted, I sent you two emails
      Mar 24, 2017 at 8:04 PM
  7. beak
    beak Spike A
    send e-mail i will send picts 6/47L thank u steve
  8. bouddha
  9. redrockranger
    redrockranger Richard Jones
    Transaction went smooth and quickly. Would do business with Richard again. Thanks
  10. unkie716
  11. unkie716
  12. spladi
    spladi kerjo
    The dealings with Mark were just as they should be.....good guy !
  13. ljmontano
    ljmontano tac284
    U still have that mic
    1. tac284
      Yes, I still have it.
      Mar 18, 2017
  14. RRongero
    RRongero bsumoba
    I left a telephone message two days ago that I received a mail from you with invoice inside but without a barrel temperature gauge. Need to cancel the charge or ship me my order.

    Robert M. Rongero
    CP# 512 992 7414
  15. MLC81654
    MLC81654 marcusp323
    A+ Good Guy!!!
  16. Dcd223
    Dcd223 Raptor
    You should have the m.o. by Friday
  17. ratgun6
    ratgun6 jaclthr
    not sure if this is how to do it - my email is send me your name, mailing address etc and when I see the payment posted to PayPal I'll print the label. thanks
  18. BT1
    BT1 thomasholbrook43
    Hi Tom,

    Currently have a custom 7rsaum Shoulder angle increased. The reamer print I got from Shiraz. It is a tight neck. I had problems with it originally, but thinning the necks seemed to improve it.

    Forum says you have a reamer having a good throat for the 195s, true? If so is the throat too long to shoot the 180 hubrids?

    Thanks, Steve BT1
  19. golfer2b2000
    golfer2b2000 bricktop
    Sir, Is this a 1 inch tube or a 30mm??
    1. bricktop
      Hey Golfer, 30 mm tube. Thanks!
      Mar 13, 2017
  20. Dcd223
    Dcd223 Raptor
    I can send you a postal money order tomorrow.. My name is Dave Diederich . 11345 Kirtner Lane . saint George Ks. 66535