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  1. Ranger007
    Ranger007 Erik Cortina
  2. Noblez
    Noblez tred1956
    Great seller to deal with!
  3. Retired Dog
    Retired Dog
    Seeking for F/TR class Remington 700 SA rifle stock. Used would be ok.
  4. 4xforfun
    4xforfun khallmark
    Is the Creedmore still for sale?
  5. nksmfamjp
    nksmfamjp Minesweeper3433
    Can you send me pics and info about how your Dumoulin action turned out? Looking to have a hunting rifle built on one...
  6. wvscott
    wvscott Thud
    I was interested in the railgun would you take 1100 for it . I will pay the shipping to WV
  7. Dgd6mm
    Dgd6mm Rob01
    Rob, could you tell me how much difference is there in bto between the 208 Amax and the 208 eldm? Measurements?
    Don Dunlap
    1. Rob01
      Hey Don. Unfortunately when I got rid of my 300WM I got rid of all my AMAX and ELDs. If I remember correctly there wasn't a huge difference. Nothing that would cause any issues if going to the ELD. It's slightly different to up the BC some from the AMAX. Sorry I couldn't help more. Let me try and get with my buddy tomorrow and see if he can get me a measurement. I think he has both.
      Nov 20, 2019
    2. Dgd6mm
      Thank you Rob for the info. It's not necessary unless you just want to see this thru. You have basically answered my question. I'm thinking of throating my .308 out for f class. It's a 1-11 twist and Jade had told me months ago the 11 twist will work, at least it did for him.

      Don Dunlap
      Nov 20, 2019
  8. donaldduck
    donaldduck mugadutz
    Joe, just sent you a PM o the 300 Rem Ultra Brass (Nosler). I'm pretty sure I have 100 Nosler. if I don't I'll throw in some extra R-P to make up for the short-coming. They are $78/100+ Nosler and includes Priority Shipping. For the first transaction I prefer a USPS Money Order. Sincerely, Don
    Donald Schwartz
    9306 S. Cheney-Spokane Road
    Spokane, WA 99224
  9. deadeye10
  10. DAP
    DAP Easygoose
    Do you still have the Shehane Obeche Tracker Rifles?
  11. Jamthelands
    Jamthelands Grimstod
    Like to send you a savage bolt to be bushed.
  12. Bluebike
    Bluebike DesertLefty
    PM to follow
  13. 300_whisper
    300_whisper Scarface26
    Happy Veterans Day!!
    1. Scarface26
      Back at you, brother. I announced my candidacy for state senate on Monday at the VFW. Also, at my son's school they had a Veteran's Day program and all the kids recited the first two paragraphs of the DOI. My campaign website is and the F-face book page is hamilton for state senate 2020. You'll most likely agree with my platform. Reach out if you have any suggestions.


      Nov 14, 2019
  14. rip223
    rip223 bwoodie

    Have a Nightforce 8 x 32x56 NXS , Zero stop High speed turrets, MoarT reticle. Safe Queen.

    $1725.00 shipped.

    Call me if interested,


    Thanks .
  15. Tony 1948
    Tony 1948 lancexxx
    Great guy! Fast shipper and wonderful prices
  16. max evans
    max evans BIGMAC
    Please call max 832-414-0293
    Very interested
  17. oneshot 66
    oneshot 66 group therapy
    I need 2 bottles of Hobo oil. What do I do?
  18. Messmaker
    Messmaker dragman
    I am looking for a NF NX8 in the 4-32 or the 2.5-20. Can you please get me the pricing for both of these scopes.
  19. mike mccormick
    mike mccormick Erik Cortina
    Hi Erik. Having a new rifle built. Thinking of using a tuner, but my muzzle is 0.820( medium palma). Do you make one that will work?
  20. Wade Baker
    Wade Baker kendog
    Kendog, I got those pictures of the Weaver T-36, level, scope rings etc. I will forward them to a phone number if you have one, or e-mail. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks!
    1. kendog
      email them to
      Nov 3, 2019