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  1. 20PPC
    20PPC dragman
    Dragman, I am looking for a Nightforce competition 15-55 with a DDR-2 reticle.
    Also is there any better price if I purchased 2?
    Thanks Dave Moore
  2. Toptom
    Toptom jobhopper66
    Very good seller to deal with very fast shipping
  3. sanchez
    sanchez rcol317
    Rick is a real easy guy to deal with.i received what he said I would when he said I would..I would do it again
  4. jlow
    jlow Super Admin
    Recently, I have had two threads deleted , both are reloading related. Problems with software that I worked with people to figure out and a situation where other reloaders may also run into, but it was deleted in a way that I think was inappropriate and I have to wonder about the motive behind it. Please look into this.
  5. Bill Johnston
    Bill Johnston dkhunt14
    Duck Hunter, I am currently shooting a Springman heavy 300wsm that needs a new barrel, have not been able to contact Springman for reamer information. Have no one in my area that shoots the 300wsm for help. With Springman's chambering this gun still has 3 NBRSA 1000. Can you give me a call @ 503-568-5199. Would like to pick you brain on this 300wsm. Bill Johnston
  6. Greg Dunda
    Greg Dunda Easygoose
    Do you still have the othrr Nightforce comp for sale. i bought yhe other one
  7. MarkTrew
    MarkTrew ppaul
    Appreciate your feedback
  8. MarkTrew
    MarkTrew Mr.Spradlin
    Appreciate your feedback
  9. MarkTrew
    MarkTrew Mr.Spradlin
    Appreciate your feedback
  10. MarkTrew
    MarkTrew sstkmkrr
    Appreciate your feedback
  11. MarkTrew
    MarkTrew kcomeau10x
    Appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  12. JKing
    JKing tred1956
    Good person to do business with.
    still licking my stamp when the delivery person was knocking on my door with the item. (Sorta)
  13. MDG
    MDG carlsbad
    Mark George, new member here, hopefully this is the proper way of contacting you. I have a 700 bolt that I need a bushing and small firing pin installed. Would/could you do it? thanks Mark
  14. Red Dawg 34
    Red Dawg 34 krummarine
    Can you send me your address where you want me to ship the 2PC Base? You can send a personal check to me at the following address:

    Russ Ost
    3120 Michelle Court
    Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

    You can call or text me at 904-616-7882 if you have any questions. Thanks, Russ
  15. vnvet
    vnvet Dgd6mm
    Hi there,
    Do you still have any Retumbo?
    1. Dgd6mm
      I do.
      Sep 2, 2019
  16. substation
    substation mrmarmota
    IMG_3017.IMG_3016.IMG_3015.IMG_3014.JPG Let me know if these pictures work.This is a barrel blank Thanks for your interest
  17. Don
    Don carlsbad
    Don Crigler here you did a 700 bush job for me .

    If I sent you a New SS 700 Single Shot what would this work run ?
    Small Firing Pin and bush, blue print and if you do thread the bolt for a knob .

  18. bpd459
    NRA LR / Mid Range HM, F Class (FTR) LR MA / Mid Range HM
  19. SavageMark
    SavageMark IdahoCTD
    Hi ! Left a post for u but didn’t want to lose out on getting an action .


  20. Steveb
    Steveb Keith Glasscock
    Hi Keith. Did your medical situation improve? If you want the information we talked about during the last Rattlesnake match then give me an e-mail at and I will send it down.