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  1. g2contender
    g2contender tiny68
    I saw a post that you made saying that you had some load tables for the 30BR. I just made a 15 inch XP100 pistol in 30BR with an 11 trist. It shoots 125 BTs awesome, but want to push 150s as well. Any load info would be great.
    my email is:

    Thank you very much

  2. FrankG
    match grade machine
  3. FCJIM
    FCJIM MattKubic
    When will there be another match Dead Zero for f-class shooters/
  4. dsinfour
    dsinfour Cade
    I saw the check and its a scam for sure.. He will tell you to deposit the check and send him the extra amount before the check clears.... Use it as toilet paper before you throw it out.
  5. 67gt350
    67gt350 jobhopper66
    Hi Ray,

    I have a friend who is interested in a T36 ...may I ask what size dots are in the scopes. He is looking for a 1/4 but may be ok with an 1/8th. His name is Bill Hughes and he resides in Nashville, TN His address is My name is Mark DelCotto (859-619-8853). Many Thanks Mark
  6. Lumpa
    Lumpa centershot
    Hi mate, I’ve just joined and am looking to make contact with 6mmTCU shooters as I’m interested in learning about the performance of the case. I am going to build one.
  7. Bluebike
    Bluebike chuckgreen
    Please send mailing information to for a money order payment.
  8. doninreno
    doninreno fordwrench
    I just added a couple of pics to the original ad. Both are only ONE DIE---the Redding is a bushing die, but the Whidden is not.
  9. doninreno
    doninreno fordwrench
    I'd be interested in the dies you have. Call on my cell-gonna be on for a motorcycle ride from about 1015 to 1330 or so (Pacific). What I have are a set (each is not actually a "set" as they are each only a single die) of Whidden dies and a set of Redding. Redding is a bushing die, Whidden is not. I'll put pics on the original ad, as I can't do it on a PM
  10. gdsanders
    gdsanders Wolfdawg
    I'll take the scope. Please call 570-275-8606
  11. krummarine
    krummarine clams243
    Great seller. Fast, painless transaction. I would deal with him again.
  12. Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson Scarab
    Would you do 150.00 on the flags ? I've got a shooting buddy wanting them .
  13. bobcat93
    bobcat93 thoma018
    1-8..I shoot 70 gr nossler custom competition bullets mostly
  14. SoDakDasher
    SoDakDasher Pav67
    Great! BRA been sitting all summer. Working in Pennsylvania and nothing over 100yds available here. So she just sits at home. Going to shoot the SD Steel Classic in August flying home a couple days before. Will be fire forming some more BRA at the match. I’ll need excuses for not shooting well after a summer of no trigger time. !!!
    1. Pav67
      That’s no good.I try and get out every weekend if possible.At least you got time to come up with creative excuses.Can always save them if there not needed in August
      Jul 23, 2019
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  15. SoDakDasher
    SoDakDasher Pav67
    How’s that dasher doing?
    1. Pav67
      Shooting awesome .Just shot the rest of what you had loaded last weekend.I worked up a load with 110 smk’s and after about 50 of those pretty happy.Had a bunch I bought cheap and will probably find mush off the barrel with the 110’s.The BRA and is doing well I hope?
      Jul 23, 2019
  16. coffee cup
    coffee cup lancexxx
    Lance was excellent to deal with!
  17. jason h
    jason h lancexxx
    Lance is a good honest member to do business with!
  18. Pete53
    Pete53 Super Admin
    i am kinda confused on how this site/forums works ? i just joined and am 65 not very good on a computer . any help or examples would certainly be appreciated .thank you,Pete53
  19. Grimstod
    Wildcats are an addiction.
  20. McStocks
    McStocks Alexander-M
    Thanks for the good review!! We don't make a lot of money, but we sure meet a lot of great folks!
    Steve & Shirley