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  1. Doan
  2. corsair4360
    Enjoying "summer" for the 8 weeks it lasts here
  3. corsair4360
  4. alffe
    alffe Don
    I would like a picture of them
  5. rdelder56
    Nightforce 15-55x52 competition 125 MOA zero stop. with original packaging and paperwork. $1900.00
  6. 1lessdog
    Relive your memories take a kid hunting and fishing.
  7. AZ67
    AZ67 ShootDots
    Hello ShootDots fellow Arizonan here. If time permits could you give me some info on the 260AI. Average barrel life, I know this varies because of multiple factors so a ballpark number is fine. I have a few long actions so was going to go that route for the build, any drawbacks for using a long action? I dont shoot competitively I hunt and shoot at steel.

    Thanks for your time.
    1. ShootDots
      Average barrel life of a .260A.I. during competition is about 1700+/-. Long actions are no problem. RL-16, H4350, RL-23 and H4831sc are the powders of choice. If you are using a 26" barrel, between 2880 and 2910 will be the sweet-spot. RL-16 would be MY FIRST choice of powders.
      Jul 4, 2019
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  8. 1lessdog
    July 4th upgraded to silver.
  9. miles13
    Memphis Sport Shooting Association – IBS Match Director
    JEFFPPC lancexxx
    Hello Lance, Please send me price and availability of #25138 and 27008. Thanks , JEFFPPC
  11. bman940
    I enjoy shooting, hunting and getting new people to the range.
  12. eaglescout
    eaglescout Super Admin
    I'm trying to send a private message to a member and it will not let it send. says something about spam or inappropriate content
  13. Jonny.comolatti
    Jonny.comolatti jobie
    Please send me your contact details: email and phone number
  14. Jarrod Todd
    Jarrod Todd gunsandgunsmithing
    Hi Mike,
    Do you send your Tuners to Australia?
    Regards Jarrod Todd
    1. gunsandgunsmithing
      No, but I wish that I could. Unfortunately, their export is regulated by our government. Our tuners can not legally be exported.
      Jun 25, 2019
  15. Bill Norris
    Bill Norris Sneedvegas01
    Very good seller. Appreciate the promptness.
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  16. jonpol
    jonpol dirtworks5
    Very smooth transaction. Thank you.
  17. beak
    brass 4 sale 6/284 win total 69 . 35.00 +ship
  18. allen529
    allen529 Super Admin
    I was a gold member can you tell me when that expired as I no longer see the designator...

  19. Bamban
    USAF 72-78 , DRB 1234, P100, HM, Grandfather
  20. jackson1
    jackson1 Firefighter
    Several guys shoot IBS 600 yards at Columbus.
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