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  1. jpretle
    jpretle Forum Boss
    How can I make a donation on behalf of another Forum Member? and have him receipted?
  2. hunterpa
    hunterpa cclfn
    I bought your Sako bottom metal on Ebay - if you get any more oldef Sako items givd me a shout as I collect Sakos and always looking for parts.
  3. Defty
    Defty Super Admin
    How do I clean out my "INBOX" of old messages????
  4. bdale
    NRA Endowment Member
  5. Mlow
    Mlow JimPag
    Got the NEO today un packed changed bag and ready ti go thanks good job packing
  6. Tim s
    Tim s Ghansen
    Quick seamless payment, zero issues
  7. Carl Theriot
    Carl Theriot Alexander-M
    Are you the one selling the Nando walnut ammo caddy for bench rest shooters?
    If you are, could you respond to me at my e-mail . I am located in Saint Charles, Mo.
    Or call me or text at 636-328-3919 Thanks
  8. rap36case
    Working up load for new build with A5 stock, Mauser action, 24" Kreiger 1to8 in 6.5 creedmoor.
  9. CF2209
    CF2209 group therapy
    Can you ship hobo oil to australia.
  10. thekriebles
    thekriebles Rick in Oregon
    Rick was a gentleman to do business with here. I would eagerly welcome any additional opportunities to transact with him again.
  11. billshehane
  12. mugadutz
  13. ShootDots
    ShootDots Shiraz
    Hello Shiraz. I just jumped into the .300WSM game with the 215 Hybrids. I am shooting 65.7grs of H4831sc at 2910. About how many rounds of accurate barrel life should I expect shooting F-Open? Thank You!
  14. riflewoman
    riflewoman F15 Eagle
    Great seller! Quick delivery! The best!
  15. F15 Eagle
    F15 Eagle riflewoman
    Great buyer,fast smooth transaction.
  16. Philip Bryant
    Philip Bryant Erik Cortina
    Eric: Casting in the dark for a SEB Mini, so I can travel with Team Bayou, Houston. Do you have any leads? Wait time is 8-12 mo. Tim said he would not give up his.
  17. Meangreen
    Meangreen Crow
    My name is David Crow. I was just wondering if we might be related. My father is Jerry Crow of Mangum, OK and my grandfather was Clifton Crow from Mangum, OK.
  18. krummarine
    krummarine shooter65
    Purchased a barrel from shooter 65 recently. Everything was as described in the ad or better. Great to deal with.
  19. Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 20PPC
    was it attached by a set screw
  20. Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 20PPC
    Got the rest today thanks. How did you have the flex arm attached ?
    1. 20PPC
      Glad to here it made it safe.
      The flex arm is attached to the stud next to the left leg.
      Thanks again, take care!
      Mar 6, 2019