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  1. mikecr
    You wanna stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Then ban sober driving! That's how gun control works..
  2. bigstone
    bigstone sturkis
    I didn't know you have different models

    50 Yard rimfire.
  3. Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man
    Chet, I think I'd go for it. Use a credit card to protect yourself but it sure looks legit.
  4. chet
    chet Nowhere Man
    search on ebay sightron 25183, i don't want to post it on the forum, i am afraid sightron might get a hold of him and stop the sales, look at the reviews, he sold quite a few of them
  5. Adrenalinerush
    Owner and gunsmith at Southern Cerakote and Gunsmithing
  6. jcm24m
  7. jcm24m
  8. kdoginredding
    kdoginredding nawahine
    I'll take #13 please. Let me know where to send payment. Thanks
  9. Fgonzales
  10. Rockchuck
    Rockchuck lancexxx
    Hey rockchuck here need to get a price on a sightron s3 6x24 Mildot my buddy about ready to buy one probley this coming week
  11. krummarine
    krummarine mark454
    Great guy to deal with. A very smooth transaction all the way around. Deal with confidence.
  12. xringshutr
    xringshutr Bginvestor
    I just purchased the 284 Win CDI Remage barrel that you sold back in November to Anthony in Cali. What did you find for loads that worked well in the 86 rounds that you shot in that barrel? I am looking at 162 Hornady's and 168 Bergers for starters. Thanks in advance.
  13. Talon
    Talon powderbrake
    Thank you. I found it in a 1975 book a friend gave me last night. I really appreciate your help. I cannot believe that this has not been adopted in another design. God bless you sir.
  14. Mikemontminy
    Mikemontminy 300meter
    I’ll take 6 boxes for $155.00.
    Thanks Mike
  15. kdoginredding
    kdoginredding xpilot
    Hi there, interested in your 223. Is that 1300 shipped? Do you know how many rounds through it. Are there any blemishes in stock or gun?Would it be possible to send those pics to my email? Sorry for so many questions.
    Let me know
    Thank you
  16. Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson dirtworks5
    Vern do you know of any Bat 3L Multi flat rblpre actions for sale ? Also in need of a Wilson micro seater die for 6 ppc
  17. rcs9250
  18. Knotwild
    Knotwild swadiver
    I would like to buy the gas block. It might be Saturday before I can get to a PO to send a USPS money order, because I don't use PayPal. I am the caretaker on a island and I am in the middle of nowhere.

    If that is not acceptable, I understand. If it is acceptable please let me know where to send it.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Jim G.
  19. rcs9250
    rcs9250 Pulpit
    I can do 1 $1300 if I keep scope and hand pump. Tank and regulator would go with gun.
  20. Ronnie milford
    Ronnie milford Clavius-Walker
    Will take. 706 491 8040